Huey Lewis did not record the song Bob Dylan wrote for him

Huey Lewis did not record the song Bob Dylan wrote for him

Huey Lewishost of the American talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!among other things, expressed all his regret for not having recorded a song that Bob Dylan he had written especially for him.

Kimmel himself encouraged the 73-year-old musician from New York on the topic, asking him to remember that story: “In the '80s, during the heyday of your band, Bob Dylan wrote a song for you.” Huey confirmed by simply replying, “It's true.”

Kimmel then pressed him for more: “He sent you what, a tape?” Huey Lewis he replied: “He sent me a cassette and a very kind note saying that he liked the last record and 'Here's a song of mine'. Not only did I not record it, but I actually don't even know where the cassette went “.

Jimmy Kimmel he then continued by curiously asking, “You lost the tape.” Getting which response a: “Well, no. It's part of my cassette collection. I have thousands of tapes. Sooner or later I might find it.” Finally the question of the hundred guns, the definitive one: why he chose not to record the song sent to him by none other than Bob Dylan. Huey Lewis, rather apologetically, replied: “I have no idea. It was a big mistake. What can I say? I am sorry!”.

Among the other decisions he made in the past that perhaps would have deserved further consideration, we can report when
, speaking at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles in 2020, recalled turning down a very tempting offer from Coca-Cola: “Coca-Cola asked us for a meeting, so we flew to Atlanta. They offered us millions of dollars to use “The Heart of Rock & Roll” in a commercial. I, stupid, said no.”