Green Day perform "Basket Case" live with the original lyrics

Green Day perform “Basket Case” live with the original lyrics

Awarded by Avril Lavigne during last night's ceremony – April 1st – of the iHeartRadio Music Award 2024where they won the Landmark AwardGreen Day learned surprise the audience with their performance.

On stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool proposed live a medley of two songs which included “Bobby sox“from the recent album”Saviors” (read our track by track here and the review here) and the hit “Basketball houses” from the classic “Dookie”, whose thirtieth anniversary was celebrated this year.

While performing his warhorse, the trio decided to give an interesting twist to their performance and the frontman changed the lyrics in the second verse, singing not the best-known words, but the verses he had written in the original demo version of the song – which recently saw the light with the release of the celebratory edition of the 1994 album for the thirty years since its release (here is our review).

“They said this has been emotionalless flight / Around each other intoxicating their minds / Dancing in the street under suburban lights / They stumbled to the ground without a hurt”, Billie Joe then sang after the first chorus, albeit previously, as a guest of the podcast “Song Exploder”, had defined the verses of the original lyrics as “embarrassingly ugly”.

I don't think there are any 'saviors'”, Billie Joe told Rockol when asked about “who are the 'saviors' for Green Day' quoted in the title of the album, during the meeting with the press to preview “Saviors”: “I think this is the answer to the question as it is. Maybe the saviors are the people who can come together, help each other, instead of looking for one person who has all the answers or something like that.”

Two years after their last big concert in Milan (here is our story), and after the intimate show last November at the Magazzini Generali, Green Day will return to perform next in our area June 16th for a date on the stage of the Milanese I-Days.