Goodbye to the welfare state?

Goodbye to the welfare state?

At the end of a difficult year, the one that followed the premature death of the producer, founder and friend Matthew “Costa” Romagnolifounder of Garrincha Dischi (Read here) which occurred last June, The Social State He surprisingly announced during last night’s concert in Padua as part of the Sherwood Festival that he wanted to stop, to retire from the scene until a date to be determined.

Alberto “Bebo” Guidetti in an interview with Rai he specified: “It is necessary to stop running. We will return when we are happy to do so, to start making records again, to be together, to go on stage and to take back the joy. Not soon, certainly.”

To anticipate what was announced last night last September, the band wrote in a post on Instagram after Matteo’s passing:

In 2023 this band changed its shape forever, from six we became five without wanting it and without being able to avoid it. Now we need time – a lot or a little, we don’t know – to look inside ourselves and understand what to do when we grow up. Before taking this time for ourselves we would like to say goodbye to you all and to do so we thought of one last concert, in a place close to our hearts: at Sherwood Festival, where we have always been at home and where we will return every time to have the party we need.

The band of Lodo Guenzi and associates, born in 2009, has an artistic activity of 15 years with 6 albums under its belt, two participations in the Sanremo Festival (one with the now legendary “A life on vacation” second place in 2018) and also two novels written by the group: The movement is stopped” (2016) and “Sex drugs and working” (2019).

Last February 23rd and 24th, at the TPO in Bologna, Stato Sociale performed on the occasion of Unpublishable, Matteo Romagnoli’s birthday party. At the same time they released a 7″ vinyl under their name The Social State and Matteo Costa by title “Under a million clouds”, with two new songs.