Goodbye to Doug Ingle, keyboardist and singer of Iron Butterfly

Goodbye to Doug Ingle, keyboardist and singer of Iron Butterfly

It's disappeared Doug Inglelast founding member of Iron Butterfly, an American rock band formed in 1966. The keyboardist and singer remained in the band until 1971, the year of the band's first dissolution. He made occasional appearances at the next several reunions.

The artist, who died of natural causes, is the author of the band's most successful song: the very long “In A Gadda Da Vida” published on the second album of the same name in 1968 (Read here).

Due to the song's duration of 17 minutes, a shorter version was also published (2 minutes and 52 seconds) and only with the success of the album, driven by that composition broadcast in its entirety by FM radio, “In A Gadda Da Vida” also regained its original duration on LP. The title is a mispronunciation of “In the garden of Eden”, drummer Ron Bushy wrote it as “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” because he couldn't understand what Doug Ingle was singing.

The long duration is coincidental in fact the band recorded it in what they thought was simply a soundcheck to test the levels during the recording session while they waited for producer Jim Hilton to arrive. The sound engineer, however, continued to roll the tape and a very long version came out. Once the “rehearsal” was over, they agreed that the performance – raw, full of errors but also full of energy – was of sufficient quality that another take was not necessary.

The announcement of his passing appeared on Iron Butterfly Collective, the Facebook group managed by the band's fans, which also published an unreleased song by the artist recorded in 1979 entitled “I Love You