Gigi D'Alessio, the new album "Fra": "Now I'm not thinking about Sanremo"

Gigi D'Alessio, the new album “Fra”: “Now I'm not thinking about Sanremo”

Between” is the title of new studio album by Gigi D'Alessio, released today 24 May (GGD Edizioni Srl/Sony Music) in CD and white vinyl format. The album is presented as “a playlist to listen to from start to finish” which includes 10 tracksamong which new songs and versions of well-known songs taken from the repertoire of the Neapolitan singer-songwriter enriched by some collaborations.

“'Fra' was born from a song I wrote for my last son, Francesco”, explains D'Alessio at the press conference: “And then naturally other 'Fra's were added: in Milan they are called the 'Bro' , in Naples and Rome they instead say 'Fra' or 'Fratè'. So, it's a record that caught on naturally, given that there are collaborations on songs that I even played last year in Piazza del Plebiscito with some guests, or even previously”. “Fra” is therefore a title that contains everything and is also a “between” one album and another, given that represents the first half of a project that will have a sequel.

During the press presentation, Gigi D'Alessio had the opportunity to reflect on the spread of the Neapolitan language in the Peninsula and explained: “I must say that after so many sacrifices, today Neapolitan is a language that is sung throughout Italydespite when I did my first Sanremo twenty-four years ago with 'Non di gli mai', with that single little phrase 'Si Tonight T'avesse vasà' which they told me to remove”.

And again: “Seeing that today all of Italy sings in the Neapolitan language is not only a source of pride for me, it makes my life easier, even when I have to write a song, I'm truly happy.” When asked if it is considered a trend, she added: “.I don't think the Neapolitan language will be a passing fad, because the Neapolitan language works for its sound, and by mixing it with the most modern and current sounds, Neapolitan arrives first, even if you don't understand it. Then he has the gift of synthesis and in one sentence you can enclose a world.”

Presenting the new album, which precedes the eight concerts in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples in June and the summer tour, Gigi D'Alessio was also asked what are his fears as a man and as an artist. The singer-songwriter explained: “As a man I am now afraid of the earthquake in Naples because they are phenomena that we cannot control.” He continued: “Artistically, I would say that the fear is that of being misunderstoodas happened to Alessandra Amoroso: for a denied photo you risk being crucified”. Subsequently, Gigi D'Alessio spoke about his concern for the future of his children, stating: “I am not at all happy that they are with social media from morning to evening and using the cell phone has become an addiction, we experience it in all homes.”

On the sidelines of the press conference, there was a mention of the Sanremo Festival, which the Neapolitan singer-songwriter defined as “the most beautiful showcase for our music”. He then made it known about his possible return: “Now I'm focused on the project for the new album. You have to go to Sanremo not only if you have the song but also a project”. He concluded: “At the moment I'm not thinking about it because I have this 'Fra' project and the tour. It's not among my projects, but I wish Carlo Conti good luck who will certainly have a great festival.”

Together with the album “Fra” – a project by Gigi D'Alessio, with the artistic production of the same artist and Adriano Pennino, Kekko D'alessio and Max D'ambra – the video accompanying the single was published in collaboration with Geolier, “Senza tuccà”:

D'Alessio will then be involved in eight live events – all sold out – Of “Gigi-One like you – The emotion continues in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples, to continue with a busy summer calendar that will take him throughout Italy from north to south and finally, from autumn to sports halls.


1. Never Give Up 2024 feat. Guè, Clementino, Geolier

2. Senza tuccà feat. Geolier

3. I would like 2024 feat. Elodie and Ernia

4. Bro

5. First Date 2024 feat. LDA

6. No displeasure

7. Who

8. A sick heart 2024 feat. Alessandra Amoroso

9. If you could tell

10. Cu tte