Ghali: "You can tell me what you want, I won't do like Rai"

Ghali: “You can tell me what you want, I won't do like Rai”

In his songs between mellow rhythms or a more street sound, Ghaliseveral times, he scattered phrases with social or political references, trying to get the body moving, but also the mind. It's no different “Paprika”his new single, in which he talks about a sweet and hard-fought love story and then, at a certain point, moves on to a spicier taste: “You can tell me what you want, I won't do like Rai”. The rapper is referring to the events that occurred during the last Sanremo Festival 2024, when at the end of his performance in which he sang “Casa mia”, he sent the message “Stop the genocide”, which caused an uproar. After the positions taken by Ghali and Dargen D'Amico on the Ariston stage, who denounced the tragic nature of the war in the Middle East, the undersecretary Alessandro Morelli had proposed a ban for artists, who, like puppets, on TV, should only sing and don't expose yourself, as if music and vision of life/personal ideas were separate worlds.

For the rest the single has nothing else corrosive, it is an Afro urban-pop song, born from an overseas team led by Takagi & Ketra and with exponents of Latin songwriting such as J-Castle and Daramola. It aspires to be one of the songs of the summer and has all it takes to become one, even in a short time. If the journey of “Paprika” is in its early stages, that of “Casa mia” continues unabated: already certified double Platinum, with over 100 million total streams, was Ghali's relaunch song. “The power of music? When you can make people think and dance together. Things depend on how they are said, on how they should be said. And music has the power to convey a message, which gets under your skin without you realizing it sometimes, probably while dancing to a song. And then, even without listening to the piece, those words resonate in your head and that rhythm pushes you, touches parts of your brain and leads you to think”, underlined Ghali during the Festival, which she was a real and great opportunity for relaunch as demonstrated by the excellent numbers on the live front of his next tour.