Mahmood: "The 'Gold Tracksuit' is my armour"

From Mahmood to Fabri Fibra up to Eugenio: Genoa clip set

Genoa clip set. Its ancient charm, mixed with some vivid and dark atmospheres, in this last period, has transformed the city of the Lantern into a real natural setting for some symbolic videos and for a very particular initiative set up by Eugenio In Via Di Joy. It is no longer just Ligurian artists, from Tedua and Bresh, just to name two, who turn the spotlight of the cameras on the city, but also many other unsuspected people in love with the flag of San Giorgio. Eugenio In Via Di Gioia, who everyone knows for their unpredictable creativity and the desire to always open up to new challenges to convey their music, also for the launch of the next unreleased single “Portami”, out on March 22nd, have invent an experiment that overturns the canons of communication, an alternative experience that, as has always happened, tells something about them and at the same time tells something about us, about a society overwhelmed by ephemeral relationships.

Having left the Port of Genoa, where they will return on Friday 22nd, they left their Smartphones inside a display case facing the sea, the fulcrum of a symbolic, physical and digital installation. “Would you leave everything on the ground to travel without a navigator, without programs, without a cell phone and any contact with the world?”, he asked himself. The band invited passers-by to animate the live broadcast recorded on their smartphones with messages, gestures, contents, performances, objects or simple moments of daily life until their return, scheduled for March 22nd at 8 in the morning, when this long non-stop marathon will end. stop. If a smartphone constantly records everything that happens, the other three phones, connected to the kids' Instagram and TikTok accounts, are available to the public who can activate them whenever they want, leave their contribution and become the protagonist of this real and virtual at the same time. The border between real and digital is almost imperceptible today, but the artistic form still needs a physical, public and free place to be able to count on a safe haven for meeting, experimentation and cultural exchange: this is the meaning.

“In Italia 2024” by Fabri Fibra, this time accompanied by Baby Gang and Emma, ​​which takes up the refrain sung at the time by Gianna Nannini, “is the demonstration of how a song, 17 years after its publication, can still have something to say enough to be able to make its own way and make everyone feel the need to be reborn in a new version, with new voices and new rhymes”, said Fibra. In the bars, updated, but not even that much, with some themes that have sadly remained current, a dark country is photographed, governed by malfeasance, with a historical pressing beat that seems to recall “We Will Rock You” by Queen. The video, in black and white, almost like an art film, is shot in Genoa.

It's not over. Mahmodd, together with the star Angèle, a Belgian composer and singer who collaborated with Dua Lipa in the 2020 single “Fever”, escapes from the “police” on board a small boat, from a pier in Corso Italia, in Genoa, leaving fears behind and second thoughts: this is the heart of the new single “Sempre/Jamais”. In the video clip, just released, directed by Attilio Cusani and in which the two artists are protagonists, there is also the Hotel Bristol, with its legendary spiral staircase already present in the film “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock. Angèle runs along it, Mahmood dances on the roof. The two then separate, racing in sports cars and moving in the dark to cover their tracks, in a movie-like Genoa.