For Kirk Hammett it is the best guitar solo of the year

For Kirk Hammett it is the best guitar solo of the year

Listening to what the guitarist of the Metallica Kirk Hammettthe title of best guitar solo of 2024 could already be assigned to Phil Demmel for his work in “Idle Hands”song included in “From Hell I Rise”the debut solo album by Kerry King of the Slayer which will be published on May 17th.

This was revealed by Demmel himself, guitarist of Machine Head And Vio-Lence, in an interview on the YouTube program 'Good Company With Bowling'. Talking about “Idle Hands”the 56-year-old Californian musician revealed that he has heard the praise of

KirkHammett. “It was the first song I heard, and it was the first song I wrote a solo for. So the solo on that song was the first one I wrote here in the studio. So it's pretty cool to know that it's the first to be published.”

He continued, “Kirk Hammett said to Mark Osegueda, 'Hey, the solo is great. It's the solo of the year or something, so I thanked him. I said, 'Hey, I heard that did you like the solo on the song.' And he's like, 'Oh my God, I thought it was Kerry. I didn't know.' I missed his call, but he left me this amazing voicemail, where he said something like, 'It's the best solo of the year so far,' and all these just raving things that Kirk Hammett said to me. He's one of the our heroes, and hearing him excited about the solo, it's… it's one of my least favorite solos on the record, actually, but hearing him say that was really personal.”

The guitarist then spoke about his approach to playing with
Kerry King

“I want to bring that sense of.

I don't know if it's melody or. I hate the term 'controlled chaos', but there's a sort of agreement between the music and the solo sections that kind of make them – those solo sections in Slayer and Kerry's music are really frenetic. What Gary (Holt, Slayer guitarist) did corresponded to all that brutality, I think my solos are less brutal in nature. I had to check with him. So I had to tell Kerry, ask him, explain to him that, 'This is what I'm doing.' I tracked my leads here first and played them 50 times to the point where I just single pass them and play them as best as I can, sent them in and thought, 'Hey, this is me and this is what I I'll do it, obviously, if it's okay with him, because it's his journey. 'All right?' He said, 'Yes, I love it.' Or rather, in true Kerry fashion, 'I don't hate him.' So for me it was a compliment to hear it from Kerry King.” .