Dave Matthews Band: a great live band

Dave Matthews Band: a great live band

There is not a full house at the Milan Forum and among the public who enter the sports hall there are many English speakers. Evidently the Dave Matthews Band they like it so much that they don't miss the opportunity to see them live even when “away” (in reality Milan is full of foreigners during these days of the Salone del Mobile). For goodness sake then the Italian public is in the majority…

Seeing the American band is a work of faith, but also an immersion in a unique, composite, complex, powerful and at times stunning and fascinating musical world.

The group is known for its long performances, similar to those of Springsteen, and so it starts at 8.15pm and ends after 2 hours and 40 minutes with ears full of music and surprises. Yes, because, even in this similar to Springsteen, the setlists are different every evening and therefore it happens, as happened in Milan, to come across some “debuts” on the tour (the very long “Seek Up” and “Here On Out” in encore regarding the Milanese evening).

If the titles are the surprises, what is unshakable is the group's style. A composite genre, the result of many different styles, which cement each other and, however recognisable, create a new one: that of the Dave Matthews Band. Long and repeated solos, equally distributed on all instruments, songs that expand with incredible musical openings, rides that seem endless but conducted at a different pace. Jam sessions with an “ancient” flavor but with great executive rigor. Typical characteristics of DMB.

The wind instruments (sax and trumpet) play an important role in the sound economy of the band and are often the protagonists of the scene where the electric guitar has just as much solo weight in the hands and fingers of Tim Reynolds. But all this alternation to the solo parts takes place on an “important” rhythmic basis composed of a bass full of groove, which pulsates throughout the concert, together with a pounding drums (when they are both introduced there is an ovation from the public).

All seven members are great musicians, they make normal and apparently easy what in reality is not. Their performances are a concentration of virtuosity accompanied however by a strong “emotional” impact and manage to drag and involve the audience which in reality is made up of true fans, attentive, demanding listeners who know the band's production well.

The atmospheres are different, ranging from pure power to rhythm without forgetting more melodic, relaxing moments, in which the band slows down and gives a different musical soul.

Certainly every time you attend a DMB concert you realize that they are inevitably a live band. It is precisely in this context that they are able to best develop their executive and instrumental skills, giving space to creativity and imagination. It is impossible to remain indifferent during a performance, it is impossible not to notice their talents, their skill and the ability to build a musical wall on which fans calmly lean.

The Milanese performance ends with a personal version of a Bob Dylan classic: “All Along the Watchtower”.

The appointment is for this evening at the Mandela Forum in Florence, the new stop (last in Italy) of the European tour.

Live lineup Milan

Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
Walk Around the Moon
Funny the Way It Is
Looking for a Vein
Madman's Eyes
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
The Only Thing
You & Me
Seek Up
So Much to Say
Anyone Seen the Bridge
Too Much
Break Free
Virginia in the Rain
Pantala Naga Pampa


Here on Out
Singing From the Windows
All Along the Watchtower