Cramps Records: the debut albums of the label's artists

Cramps Records: the debut albums of the label's artists

On March 14, 1993, at the age of 54, he died Gianni Sassithe enlightened founder in 1972 – with Franco Mamone, Sergio Albergoni, Tony Tasinato – of the label Cramps Records. Cramps was a leading protagonist in the Italian musical history of the Seventies. For this label illustrious names such as have recorded Area, Arts and Crafts, Eugenio Finardi, Alberto Camerini, Skiantos, Roberto Ciotti and others. This is our memory dedicated to Gianni Sassi, to Cramps and that lively musical period.

Area – “July August Black September” – from the album “Arbeit macht frei”, 1973

Arts and Crafts – “Gravity 9.81” – from the album “Tilt (images for an ear)”, 1974

Electric Frankestein – “Feeling” – from the album “Electric Frankestein”, 1975

Eugenio Finardi – “If only I had” – from the album “Non throw any object from the windows”, 1975

Antonietta Laterza – “We are stufe” – from the album “To the sisters found”, 1975

Alberto Camerini – “(Tv Baby) the heroes of television” – from the album “Cinderella and daily bread”, 1976

Venegoni & Co – “Coesione” – from the album “Rumore rosso”, 1978

Roberto Ciotti – “Blues plays me” – from the album “Super gasoline blues”, 1978

Skiantos – “Largo all'avangarde” – from the album “Monotono”, 1978

Raul Lovisoni & Francesco Messina – “Hula om” – from the album “Prati bagnati del monte analogo”, 1979