Co'Sang: new album out on August 30th

Co’Sang: new album out on August 30th

August 30, 2024 will be an important date for Italian rap fans, as the return of the band is scheduled for that day. Co’sang with their new album “Dynasty” under the Warner Music Italy label, which comes after more than 12 years of waiting. Their previous release “Vita bona” (the second album of the Neapolitan duo) dates back to 2009.

In the previous days, fans of Nope (Antonio Riccardi) and Luke (Luca Imprudente) had noticed some clues on the social media and streaming platforms that hinted at the duo’s return. Now the news is official with the announcement of a definitive date for “Dynastywhich will be available in several physical versions, including autographed vinyl and CD, with some exclusive editions available only on specific platforms such as and the Warner Music Italy shop.

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The launch of the new album was preceded by the reissue in the previous days of the two historic Co’sang albums, “Who dies for me” And “Good life“, also available on vinyl for the first time. These records have already climbed the FIMI charts, entering the Top 5 of Physical Formats and the Top 20 of Albums, with “Chi more pe’mme” among the top 10 most purchased.

The two had already announced their return to the album two concerts at Piazza del Plebiscito on September 17th and 18th in Napleswhich sold out in a very short time.

The live concerts in the central square of their Naples will be the occasion to listen to the repertoire and songs of the new production of the Neapolitan duo.