Coldplay releases 25th anniversary reissue of "Brothers & Sister".

Coldplay releases 25th anniversary reissue of “Brothers & Sister”.

It was April 26, 1999, exactly twenty-five years ago, when Coldplay sent the “Brothers & Sisters” CD to stores, containing not only the single of the same name, but also “Easy to please” and “Only superstition”. The release marked the beginning of the adventure of Chris Martin and his companions: the group would soon become one of the most influential rock bands of recent years. Now to celebrate the anniversary, exactly twenty-five years, Coldplay announce a special reissue of the single. In vinyl.

The double 45 will arrive in stores on November 15th, published by the same independent label that released the single in 1999, Fierce Panda. A 45 rpm single will contain “Brothers & Sisters” on the a side and “Easy to please” on the b side. The other 45 will contain “Only superstition” on the a side and a spoken track on the b side, “The story of Brothers & Sisters”, which is actually an extract from the audiobook “Pandamonium! How not to run a record label” by Fierce Panda founder Simon Williams.

Here are the images of the packaging: .jpg