Charli XCX and Lorde: the heretics of Taylorswiftized pop

Charli XCX and Lorde: the heretics of Taylorswiftized pop

“Someday we could make some music / The internet would go crazy,” sings Charli XCX in “Girl, I’m so confusing”, one of the songs contained in his new, much talked about album “Brat”. The internet has really gone crazywhen last Friday a new version of the song recorded by the British singer-songwriter together with Lordeback on the recording scene three years after the release of what remains, for now, her last album, “Solar power”. Here they are, the heretics of Taylorswiftized pop. On one side one of the most difficult pop stars to frame and pigeonhole among those of the latest generationwho over the years has enjoyed confusing and mixing the cards, ranging from an ultrapop hit like “I love it” with which she climbed the charts together with Icona Pop in 2012 to a punk-inspired album like “Sucker”, first of the consecration with “Brat”.

On the other hand, an artist who .after finding herself at the top of the world charts at 16 with “Royals” she could have been devoured by the music biz, used and then thrown away, ending up on a psychiatrist’s bedand instead he decided to follow other rules: his own.

And to think that when “Brat” was released at the beginning of the month, listening to “Girl, so confusing” Charli XCX fans had believed that the lyrics of the song were dedicated to Lorde: in the original version of the song Charlotte Emma Aitchison, this is the real name of the 31-year-old British singer-songwriter, in fact, he sang of his desire to see a colleague “fall” and “fail”. “You’re all about writing poetry, I’m all about throwing parties / I think you should come to my party and raise your hands” sang Charli

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Charli XCX said: “.When ‘Royals’ came out I was super jealous of the success Lorde had had. When that’s the case, you put a bunch of things together in your head, like: she liked my music, she had hair like mine, she wore makeup with black lipstick and so did I. You create these parallels and think, ‘That could be me.'”.

This remix now takes care of sweeping away the gossip, in which Lorde rewrites some of the lines of the original text in her own way, talking about her affinities with Charli XCX: “People say we are similar, they say we have the same hair. It’s you and me, two sides of a coin that the industry loves to spin”. And then, quoting the original lyrics of “Girl, so confusing”, he adds: “The internet will go crazy, I’m running with you Charli”. Charli and Lorde, Charlotte and Ella, so different but, just as Lorde sings in the remix of “Girl, so confusing”, so similar to each other, for thatnon-conformist attitude which has led both to be considered witches of contemporary female pop (much loved by nerds and critics: “Brat” is the best-reviewed album by critics of all those released in 2024 so far), two that

they simply want to do what they wantbeyond fashions and trends. Aware that authenticity and genuineness, in one way or another, reward. Charli for an event entitled PARTYGIRL – all in caps lock – more than 25 thousand people tried to enter a place that could accommodate just 1,000. The experience will be repeated next July 12th in Ibiza.

Between electropop, hyperpop, electroclash and dance the album debuted at number two on the UK best-selling chart, behind only Taylor Swift’s “The tortured poets department”: Charli ). And now it’s up to Lorde to break that silence in which the New Zealand singer-songwriter holed up at the end of the “Solar Power” tour. In May the singer-songwriter appeared in “Everyone’s getting involved: a tribute to Talking Heads ‘Stop Making Sense”, a tribute to Talking Heads for which she reinterpreted “Take me to the river”. Fans are waiting for the new album, which should arrive soon. And disorientate, once again.