Springsteen is about to return live (but in the meantime he's looking back to '78)

Bruce Springsteen, the first interview after the illness

“My diaphragm hurt so much that when I tried to sing it was as if (the ulcer) was killing me”: Bruce Springsteen talks about the last months of his life, spent away from the stage due to the peptic ulcer that forced him to take a break from concerts and forced rest. In an interview given to the microphones of Sirius and how he managed to recover from it:

I couldn't sing at all. It lasted for two or three months, along with a myriad of other painful problems.

It was by carefully following the instructions of his doctors that the Boss managed to get back on his feet:

They put me back on track and I can't help but thank them.

The rocker then took stock of the first concert held after his illness:

Phoenix is ​​a great city for us. The audience was off the Richter scale. Marvelous. The band played great, the guys were fabulous from the first song. And I felt great.

The voice of “Born in the USA” will remain in the United States until April 21st, before landing in Europe, in Cardiff (Wales), on May 5th. He will arrive in Italy for two dates on 1 and 3 June at the San Siro stadium in Milan.