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Bruce Dickinson reveals what is the best song he wrote

The singer of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson – who has just released his new solo album “The Mandrake Project”(read the review here) – in an interview with Revolver he revealed what is the best song he has ever written.

Maybe it might surprise some but it's not one of the songs he wrote for them Iron Maidenbut rather an acoustic ballad included in his second solo album in 1994, “Balls to Picasso” “I would say 'Tears of the Dragon' because I don't know what that means.

But it means something. That song really hits home with people. It affects me too.”

“Tears of the Dragon” it is the song that closes the album “Balls to Picasso” and it is the one – limited to the British musician's solo repertoire – that is more popular than Dickinson if the number of plays on Spotify is used as a yardstick, on this platform the song has in fact collected over 50 million streams.

He was then asked to
Bruce Dickinson
referring to the title of the song, why should a dragon cry, but the 65-year-old frontman of
Iron Maiden
doesn't have the answer. “I know what it's about: it's about abandonment, not about being abandoned, but about abandoning yourself to the universe, to whatever may happen. But I don't know why it's 'dragon's tears'. I've never understood it. It works and it has a meaning, but I don't know what it is. And that's why it's great.”