Bring Me The Horizon: there's a video game hidden in the new album

Bring Me The Horizon: there's a video game hidden in the new album

In Bring Me The Horizon's new album, “Post Human: NeX GEn”, there is a hidden video game, to be precise an alternate reality game that connects the internet to the real world. While Oli Sykes and co have become the most streamed rock band on the planet thanks to over 70 million streams of their latest album within a week of its release, fans of the group have found a surprise in the final track “Dig it” .

As reported by The PRP and TechCrunch, taken up by “Loudersound”, some Bring Me The Horizon followers have noticed that the last song of “Post Human: NeX GEn” ends with an apparently random and discordant series of sounds and buzzes. One fan then decided to open the audio track in audio editing software “Audacity” and discovered that the sound was a spectrogram, a visual image created within audio files linked to a QR code. This, scanned, in turn refers to a web address containing a video game currently playable via browser.

The videogame can be reached from this address and can be accessed via the following serial number to be entered when logging in: 93934521.

As reported, Bring Me The Horizon frontman, Oli Sykes, had previously anticipated the presence of something special and hidden within the album and in an interview filmed by “Loudersound” he had stated: “It's a real concept album, with a complete narrative that connects to the first album, but the concept is hidden and buried.”

The Sheffield outfit released “Post Human: NeX GEn” on May 24th practically as a surprise. The album, initially expected for last summer and postponed several times, was released as the second chapter of the “Post Human” series, inaugurated in 2020 with the EP “Post Human: Survival Horror”. The project, the first studio album by the band led by Oli Sykes in five years, i.e. since “Amo” in 2019, will be presented live on tour which will see the band perform on the I-Days stage in Milan on July 7 .