Brian May recalls Freddie and Bowie's argument over 'Under Pressure'

Brian May plays with Jean-Michel Jarre and Offspring at his festival

It will be held in Bratislava until May 17th Starmus Festivala science and art event founded by Brian May of Queen together with Garik Israelian. The event includes conferences, shows and concerts to combine scientific dissemination and art. The same guitarist of the historic English formation he was and will still be a protagonist on the festival stage.

To begin with, last May 12th, on the occasion of the opening show of the Starmus FestivalMay performed live as a guest on the set of Jean Michel Jarre.

On the stage of the event, scheduled this year in Bratislava with the slogan “The future of our home planet“, the guitarist of the band once led by Freddie Mercury joined the French musician and composer to play “Two rendezvous“and the passage”From the new world” (“From the New World”) from Symphony No. 9 in E minor by Antonín Dvořák. Together, the two musicians also proposed “Last horizon“by Brian May and “Brighton rock” by Queen, as well as “The time machine” by Jean Michel Jarre at the end of the concert.

The concert can be seen in the video belowwith May joining Jarre at 55 minutes and 20 seconds.

“I put a lot of effort and passion into preparing for this little adventure”, May had written on social media, in a post with his image in the role of a Jedi Knight, on the eve of the live show: “But it's not easy for an old soldier like me.

It's probably one of the most challenging adventures I've faced in a long time.” And again: “I felt very dissatisfied with myself after last night's dress rehearsal, and today I'm thinking about it a lot while waiting for the show. Why am I spending all these precious days away from what? Pursuing what? The insecurity kicks in to the point where I wonder who the hell I think I am! These are the thoughts that haunt artists, probably especially at my age. This is my inner reality. But I also know that I am truly lucky to have an opportunity like this: to work in a completely new environment with an extraordinarily talented man and his highly skilled team.”

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“I'm speechless this morning,” May said the day after the concert: “Looks like we did it! Thanks to everyone who came out last night and rocked it!”

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Next May 15th, Brian May will then join the Offspring on stage.

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