Bar Italia: a new EP is out

Bar Italia: a new EP is out

After the two albums released in 2023, the rock band Bar Italy now releases an EP with three new unreleased songs, made available during the summer dates.

Last year the London band released two albums “Tracey Denim” And “The Tweets”, (Read the review here) with which they made themselves known to the world.

Today, the mysterious trio formed by Nina Cristante (Roman “on the run”), Jezmi Fehmi and Sam Fenton releases the new surprise EP “The Tw*ts” which arrives a few months after the CD “The Twits”.

The only conscious being in the universe”, Sarcoustics” And “Drumstart “are the three unreleased songs contained in the EP and were conceived as the B side of “Sounds like you had to be there”a song from the track list of the latest album.

The three unreleased songs and other songs taken from their repertoire will be proposed live by the trio in upcoming concerts including the planned one in Italy the next July 7 in Soliera (Mo)