Baby Gang goes back to prison

Baby Gang Acquitted on Appeal of Robbery Charge

Baby Gang, sentenced to 4 years and 10 months in the first instance on charges of robbery near Vignate, in the Milan area, was acquitted by the Court of Appeal of Milan. As reported by the local edition of “Corriere della Sera”, the trapper, registered as Zaccaria Mouhib, was heard with the formula “for not having committed the act”.

In the sentence of which the deputy general prosecutor Paola Pirotta had requested confirmation, the voice of “Mentalité” was held responsible for the robbery that took place in Vignate on 12 July 2021, when Baby Gang, together with some accomplices, “would have threatened a young man with a gun aboard a car and then stole 130 euros and earphones from him.” The lawyer Niccolò Vecchioni was therefore able to demonstrate that on that date the trapper was not in Vignate but in Rimini, therefore not being able to commit the crime.

The news comes a few days after Baby Gang’s release from prison, now back under house arrest following a decision by the Review Board. The singer is also awaiting the appeal sentence of another trial, the one linked to the alleged shooting in Corso Como in the summer of 2022, for which he was sentenced in first instance to 5 years and 2 months.