Avincola sings Carella, to play it, rediscover it and tell it

Avincola sings Carella, to play it, rediscover it and tell it

Bind itwith his band and several guests which change depending on the city, stages an enveloping concert with a strong sonic and emotional impact. A live show that has the characteristics of a journey through the artistic and human journey of Enzo Carella. Among the songs there are surprise interventions and audio-video contributions.

Watch the video with the version of “Bitter” (1978 single contained in “Barbara e altri Carella”)

Enzo Carella (Rome, 8 January 1952February 21st 2017), discovered by Vincenzo Micocci, was one of the most eclectic artists on the Italian scene. In 1979 he came second at the Sanremo Festival with “Barbara”. Loved by Lucio Battisti, brings funky-blues to Italian songwriting and is officially its precursor. He is also the first to experiment with a progressive sound in the singer-songwriter song form, surrounded by great musicians like i Goblins that play on his first albums.

Between 1977 and 2007 he made six studio albums and all the lyrics of his songs were written by the poet Pasquale Panella. TO still today it is a source of inspiration for many singer-songwriters of the new scene, among others: Colapesce, Calcutta and Dente.

Bind it – Roman singer-songwriter – participated in the Sanremo Festival in 2021 and is defined by Morgan “one of the best singer-songwriters on the contemporary scene”.

Winner of numerous awards, he has collaborated and collaborates with various artists including: Fiorello, Morgan, Freak Antoni, Riccardo Sinigallia And Pasquale Panella with which he writes “Barrì” That Vincenzo Mollica describes: “an amazing song”.

Avincola on stage in this concert will be accompanied by his band as well as himself Roman singer-songwriter (vocals, guitars) features the presence of Edoardo Petretti (keyboards), Toto Days (low) e Luca Monaldi (drums).

These are the first dates of the project Avincola Canta Carella:

1st March – The Donkey That Fly Rome
Maccio Capatonda, Maurizio Guarini of Goblin and audiovisual contributions by Gino Castaldo.
April 11th – Apollo Milan
April 12th – Cap10100 Turin

The calendar is being updated. For next dates follow Avincola’s social networks