Annalisa: "Songs should be let go, not explained"

Annalisa: “Songs should be let go, not explained”

Annalisa returns to Sanremo, for his sixth time at the Festival, with “Sincerely”. Guest of the Rockol Lounge, in the Club Tenco, the Ligurian singer-songwriter talks about the song which leads to the competition at the event. “The meaning of the song is to take one’s own space, to feel free in all one’s manifestations of life”, explains the artist. Coming off a very important and career-changing year, for Annalisa the Festival is the anticipation of an equally full and eventful period. “2024 will be a beautiful, intense year, full of concerts, and I absolutely hope there will be new music too“, says the voice of “My love”.

“Sincerely” starts from the acceptance of both the most carefree moments and the darkest ones. “I have continuous moments of light and shadow, obviously. Because, clearly, I am someone who thinks a lot, and this thinking a lot leads me to analyze, and I have great moments of enthusiasm, which I try to enjoy to the fullest, and then I have moments in which I close myself in my paranoia. However, I think that the songs are born more from paranoia, than from moments of enthusiasm, even the happy songs“, points out.

This Sanremo, for Annalisa, is not like the others. “This Festival is obviously particularly important for me. This is a special moment, for me, in general, partly because I have started a new conversation with my album, with the singles that have been released to date, and I’m going to continue that conversation – he admits – this song is really the icing on the cake. Somehow it’s the perfect chapter: one discussion closes and another opens, at the same time So, this crazy journey continues to be reinvigorated.

This is a special occasion for me: perhaps I have never done so deeply to link the Sanremo Festival to a journey that began so long ago. And then I clearly feel a lot of anticipation towards myself, I can perceive this. .It was also there the other years, but this year, in my opinion, this feeling is a little stronger. At least I feel it a little stronger. Certainly because I’m coming off a very good year and I hope to please those who have been waiting for me.”