Elodie becomes an ambassador for Save the Children

All-round praise: music, cinema, dance, entertainment, fashion

The beginning of the career of Elodie Di Patrizi it can be traced back to his participation in the television talent show in 2015 Friends of Maria De Filippi where he took second place in the final standings behind Sergio Sylvestre. Since Elodie he has released four successful albums. Today, on her birthday, we go back to read what we wrote about her latest album, “OK. Breathe”released in February 2023 after participating in the Sanremo festival with the song “Two”.

“OK. Breathe” is Elodie's fourth album, but it seems like her first. The singer who came out of Amici with pink hair is now prehistoric and even the “experimental” version of her, that of “This Is Elodie” in 2020, in which an avalanche of her feats appeared, no longer fully represents her. They were all rites of passage, important for her path and her “evolution”, there is no better word to describe Elodie. Music, cinema, dance, entertainment, fashion, wherever the Roman singer lands, she leaves her mark on the territory.

“OK. Breathe” is the clearest photograph of today's Elodie: a singer who, thanks to a strong team, manages to be the protagonist of quality pop and dance songs, perhaps not all so original, but undoubtedly capable of breaking away from much what we listen to in Italy. “Elodie ennobles pop and dance”, someone pointed out to her during the presentation of the album. The references, some clearly declared in the sounds, are many and also international: Madonna and Kylie Minogue stand out. “My listening as a young girl is always somehow a common thread that comes back – she told Rockol – for this project I worked with Dardust, Mahmood, Federica Abbate, Davide Petrella and Elisa, an extraordinary team.

It's difficult for an interpreter to make his vision understood, but on this round I actively participated in the process. On the record I talk about independence through love songs.”

The album contains songs which, step by step, were able to tell the singer's transformation: the Paola and Chiara-style hit “Tribale”, the intense and representative “Vertigine”, the difficult and Sanremo-style “Due”, the warm “Bagno at midnight”, “Purple in the Sky”, a true sonic homage to Madonna, and “Bullets (I'll eat your heart)” with Joan Thiele, one of the most magical and surprising pieces on the album. “When I participated in Sanremo in 2017 I understood that that was not my path: that of the 'traditional interpreter' was a blocked path. If I had persevered I would not have received top-notch pieces from the authors because I was entering a world already full of important voices. I changed, I followed what I felt and with 'Andromeda' in 2020 I think I demonstrated it in terms of sound and stage presence”, said Elodie.

Her identity, at the moment, feeds on everything that raised her and that is somehow constructed to enhance her: “OK. Breathe” is not yet Elodie's manifesto, but it certainly presents itself as a pop and dance manual in which the interpreter demonstrates all her strength, once again underlining a freshness and a precious vision for the Italian panorama.