Alessandra Amoroso and bullying: "I have received death threats"

Alessandra Amoroso and bullying: “I have received death threats”

A visibly excited and determined Alessandra Amoroso showed up today at the Ariston Roof and told the story of the genesis of her song “Fino a qui”, competing in Sanremo, and what happened to her in recent months. She described herself as a victim of bullying and digital hatred, which began around her San Siro concert in 2022, which forced her to flee from Italy to Colombia. The song, she explained after reading a text in which she cited some of the insults and threats received, was born as a response to these months, like a rebirth

Here is the text that Alessandra Amoroso read:

I bring to Sanremo a song that talks about falls, difficulties that we inevitably face in life, whether large or small.

In the last year I fell and today I’m here to tell you my version of this story. I felt overwhelmed by situations that in 15 years of my career I had never found myself having to face and that I was not prepared to face.

An avalanche of hatred hit me from one day to the next, and I’m not talking about the memes I always joked about first, but I’m talking about the very serious insults and death threats that came to me on a daily basis.

That avalanche began a few days before I faced one of the most important moments of my career, my first concert at San Siro. I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn’t immediately realize everything that was happening around me.

Immediately after San Siro the adrenaline began to drop and at the same time I began to really perceive the gravity of the situation. I think the best way to make you understand what happened is to show it to you somehow.

So, even if with difficulty, I will read to you some of the comments I received at that time, because I believe it is very important.

A beautiful rope,

Suck it, slut.

I’d rather gouge my eyes out than see this shit

You definitely have some trouble

What a shitty woman you are, you’re a disgrace to your parents.

Fantozzi’s daughter, the monstrous frog.

You still talk, but you don’t make yourself disgusted.

If you make porn, I promise I’ll watch it, even if other hardcore actresses don’t agree.

Sold, for two pennies and immediately open your ass.

Fuck you, stupid.

Get lost, shit.

You just disgust me.

Dog shit on the streets is better than you.

They’ve been finding you on YouPorn for a while.

For me now you can starve.

Walking toilet.

And this is obviously just a small taste of those thousands of comments that I received every day for months. And which obviously hurt me deeply.

But while I was suffering inside, the only reaction I could have towards the outside world was anger. I got to the point where I didn’t even recognize myself anymore.

While I was trying to understand how to deal with that hatred that came from the social world, something happened that made me understand that the matter had now gone too far.

And the judgment was not only aimed at the singer Alessandra Amoroso, but it was also reflected on Alessandra as a person. I went out for dinner one day with my best friend, in Lecce, and a person approached me and, after taking a photo together, she said “Ah, so you’re not as bitchy as they say”.

There I realized that everything that was happening was also changing the idea that people had of me. I felt cornered.

I completed the tour in the indoor stadiums, with a lot of effort because at a time when I just wanted to isolate myself and run away from everything because of what was happening, I had to get on stage every evening and find the energy to be at my best and give everything out of respect for my audience, for those who work with me and for those who have always supported me. However, when the tour and the commitments I had made ended, I finally allowed myself to feel unwell and decided to move away.

I needed to take some time to find balance with music, with myself and with others. I ran away to Colombia, and for the entire period in which I remained there there was never, I swear, a moment in which I told myself I wanted to return because I felt the need to stay away, it was what I had need.

Only on the morning of February 28th, after a call with my best friend, I realized that I had to return to Italy and face everything I had left behind, I owed it to myself and to all those people who never stopped showing me their Love.

When I returned to Italy I resumed my psychotherapy journey and it wasn’t easy, but little by little it helped me find a new perspective to see not only myself, but also my work with what it entails, and it’s only when I accepted that I got back into music.

In that period, Takagi and Ketra contacted me telling me that they had a draft of the song to submit to me, we entered the studio together with Federica Abbate and Jacopo Ettorre, and little by little as the song took shape I realized that it represented exactly that moment of mine.

It contained references to “L’odio”, a film in which among the most significant scenes is the one in which the protagonists tell of a man who, throwing himself from the fiftieth floor of a building, on each floor as he falls says “until so far so good, so far so good.” That image gave me a knot in my stomach.

I took that image, interpreted it in my own way, and realized that I could give it a different ending than the one in the film.

I decided that as far as I’m concerned, the fall doesn’t count, nor does the landing count, because unfortunately you don’t always land softly.

The thing that matters is how you get up after a fall, and above all what you decide to learn from that fall.

And this is how my “Up to here” was born.

I believe that this song is a bit of a dress that I sewed for myself, and that expresses exactly what I need to say at this moment in my life.

However, I also believe that falls are part of everyone’s life, and I hope that this dress can adapt to anyone who listens to it, and that it can give a positive message to anyone who is experiencing a difficult moment.

For this reason I decided that it would be the right song to present on a stage like Sanremo.

I have always said over the years that I would wait for the right song to participate in the competition, and I think this is it.

So here I am finally telling you “so far”, so good.