Glastonbury Festival 2024: four headliners announced

After 2025, Glastonbury will take a year off

Glastonbury Festival organiser Emily Eavis, daughter of long-time festival patron Michael Eavis, has confirmed the 2025 edition will take place before a year-long hiatus.

In an interview with The Sun, Emily Eavis revealed that the event, held at Worthy Farm in Somerset, will take one of its traditional fallow years to give the land a rest. “The year off will give the land a rest,” she said. “It’s also always great fun to plan the festival before the year off, because you basically have to think of two festivals in one.” She added: “We’re already in talks with a few artists for next year. It’s exciting!”

The decision to cancel Glastonbury for 2026 comes as no surprise: the festival takes a break every five years before returning the following year. The last time it didn’t take place was in 2018.

In addition to discussing the festival’s future plans, Emily Eavis spoke about the recently concluded edition, which saw Dua Lipa, Coldplay and SZA as headliners. “I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this year’s edition so special,” Eavis said. “It was the best yet. Every single person involved is so important to making this event work.”

Emily Eavis’ comments follow her interview with the Telegraph in which she responded to the inevitable criticism from those who bemoan the lack of rock acts at festivals, which the organiser claims are continually deemed “too rock, too grime, too hip hop, too pop”.

Noting that negative reviews almost never come from the public, Eavis said that the line-ups at major events like Glastonbury were a reflection of “what’s happening in the music world right now,” adding: “To be honest, there aren’t many new rock acts to choose from. Hopefully they’ll emerge again, I think the heyday was 1995 with Pulp, Oasis and Radiohead. But music is always changing and that’s where we’re at now.”