After 17 years, a new album by Manu Chao is released, "Viva tu"

After 17 years, a new album by Manu Chao is released, “Viva tu”

Manu Chao is back: the 63-year-old French-Spanish musician has announced the release of his first studio album since “The Radio” (read the review here), it was 2007. The title of the new album is “Long live you” and will be published on September 20th.

At the end of May the first single, the title track, was released, now Manu has released the new song entitled “São Paulo Motoboy”. Collaborators on the album include the 90-year-old country music legend Willie Nelson and the French singer Laeti.

Of the new single dedicated to the riders of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo Manu Chao, in a press release, declared: “St. Paul is a breathing beast. And the couriers are the blood that flows through her veins and keeps her alive.”


01 Neighbors at the Sea

02 La Couleur du Temps

03 River Why

04 Long Live You

05 Heaven’s Bad Day (ft. Willie Nelson)

06 Tu Te Vas (ft. Laeti)

07 Heart In The Sea

08 Cuatro Calles

09 La Colilla

10 São Paulo Motoboy

11 Tom and Lola

12 Lonely Night

13 Tantas Tierras

The new singles will probably be possible to listen to in the Italian concerts of the former leader of Black Hand. Below is the calendar:

28 July Tarvisio (Ud), No Borders Music Festival (Laghi del Fucine afternoon concert at high altitude)

1 August Segrate (Milan), Circolo Magnolia

4 August Fermo Girfalco Park Gardens

8 August Paestum (Sa)

15 August Castrignano Dei Greci (Le) Kascignana Festival

20 August Bagheria (Pa) Small Urban Park

25 August Diamante (Cs) Teatro dei Ruderi