After 12 years the new album by Bass Communion aka Steven Wilson

After 12 years the new album by Bass Communion aka Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson announced that he will release the new album of his solo project called Bass Communion, “TheItself Of Itself”after 12 years at the end of May. Bass Communion was formed in 1988 and has released nine albums so far.

The record label commented on the new work in this way Steven Wilson: “The Itself Of Itself sees Steven Wilson deliver an album that is both cinematic and moody, proving himself to be a master of the craft of electronic music.

It's an album that may surprise some of those who have thus far paid attention to his work as Bass Communion, but trying to please everyone has never been part of his raison d'être. The Itself Of Itself captures Bass Communion spreading its worn wings to embrace new strategies and a strong desire to travel elsewhere.”.

“The Itself Of Itself” will have a deluxe cover designed by Carl Glover and a 24-page booklet with his photographs. The initial pressing is limited to 1,000 copies of the CD.

Steven Wilson instead declared: “I'm also happy to announce that the entire Bass Communion catalog (aside from “Ghosts on Magnetic Tape” and “Loss”, those are coming very soon!) is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other main digital/streaming platforms.”


1. Unperson

2. Apparition 3

3. Bruise

4. Blackmail

5. The Itself Of Itself

6. Study For Tape Hiss And Other Audio Artifacts

7. Apparition 5