Achille Lauro: the remix of Banda Kawasaki

Achille Lauro: the remix of Banda Kawasaki

A few days after the release of the song “Kawasaki Band“, an urban piece with international sounds written by Achilles Lauro with Psalm And Gemitaiz and produced by Gow Tribe, Danien and SixPm, a surprise remix of the song arrives.

This remix, available on all digital platforms, was made with the guys from the community Kayros by Don Claudio Burgio and played by Zatla, Ryuk zc, Fandy, Command And Yambo.

The community Kayros by Don Claudio Burgioactive for over 20 years in Milan, offers support and accommodation to minors in difficulty reported by the Juvenile Court, Social Services and the police.

Rap has always played a central role in Kayros, allowing young people to express themselves and tell their stories. Precisely for this reason, in April 2024 Kayros Music was born, a music label within the association that recently collaborated with Universal Music Italia under the Island Records label.

Tells Achilles Lauro

I followed the entire direction of Banda Kawasaki. The concept “Fashion is born from the street” is not a coincidence. I know what the guys from Kayros feel because I’ve been there too. I know that feeling of emptiness that turns into that hunger capable of changing destiny. I wanted the guys to embody an idea. When you feel alone in the world. There where the revolution is born. I wanted them to do their version of Banda Kawasaki, to express themselves and I wanted to show them what it feels like when you deeply follow something you love.

Achille Lauro will be the protagonist this summer of the “Achille Lauro Summer Fest – A rave before the Iliad“, a summer tour with electronic arrangements and special guests Boss Doms.

The festival, open to everyone, including artists, ravers, freaks, families and children, will stop in various Italian locations and festivals.

In autumn, the Roman artist will continue with “Mother Boys – The Iliad” The livetwo special shows with Boss Doms scheduled for October 4th at the Unipol Forum in Milan and October 7th at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome.