AC/DC, the review of "The Razors Edge"

AC/DC, the review of “The Razors Edge”


The Razors Edge

Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings

In May 1990 AC/DC crossed the threshold of Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver, hometown of Bruce Fairbairn, the producer designated for this album: a seasoned professional who he had already worked on million-selling titles such as Slippery When Wet And New Jersey of Bon Jovi, but also Permanent Vacation And Pump by Aerosmith.

The result is an excellent album, for many a return to the form of the early Eighties, which recalls the glories of the productions signed by “Mutt” Lange and contains what is perhaps the last immortal anthem given to the world by AC/DC: Thunderstruck.

This piece, as Angus nonchalantly says, was born “fiddling with my left hand”. Malcolm pulls out a perfect rhythm part for that riff and from the union of the two elements comes an epic piece, with a killer vocal line from Brian Johnson who, according to Angus, sings “like someone who has had a truck fall on his foot”. And then to make the song irresistible there is that chorused scream, “Thunder!”, added to the intro to increase the charge and the dramatic effect.

Beyond Thunderstruckin the tracklist there is another piece destined to gain great favor among fans all over the world: it is Moneytalkswith a text in which Brian – with his usual light-hearted style – jokes about the perverse mechanisms that regulate the world economy.

A key element in the renewed momentum enjoyed by the band in The Razors Edge it's also the grit brought by newly hired drummer Chris Slade (who, to join AC/DC, turns down an offer to join legendary Irish guitarist Gary Moore's band).

Released on September 24, 1990, the album reached second place in the album sales charts in the USA (it was fourth in the UK) and kicked off a triumphant tour, to the point of pushing the band to release an album live that immortalizes and celebrates him, in 1992.

Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings, on the occasion of the band's 50th anniversary, reissues the entire AC/DC catalog on gold vinyl. All LPs – in limited edition – are accompanied by a 12″x12″ print, different for each album, to collect and frame.



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