AC/DC in Reggio Emilia: the presentation press conference

AC/DC in Reggio Emilia: the presentation press conference

AC/DC's only Italian stage, sold out in a few hours with 100,000 tickets sold, will take place on Saturday 25 May 2024 at the RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia, with Pretty Reckless as the opening band.

The press conference to present the services for the public and the production of the concert took place in the conference room of the Tecnopolo, inside the Le Reggiane complex in Reggio Emilia, in the presence of Claudio Trotta (Barley Arts) and Roberto Olivi ( president of Coopservice, main investor CVolo Spa), the mayor of Reggio Emilia Luca Vecchi, the executive producer Cristina Trotta (Barley Arts) who explained the rules and roles behind a mass event of this magnitude, Andrea De Matteo (Barley Arts) production manager who communicated some of the numbers of the companies and people involved, Dr. Furio Zucco, health consultant of Barley Arts, who talked about the meticulous attention of the health plan by introducing the representatives of 118 and the Red Cross, and the Commander of the local police Dr. Poma who highlighted the City's initiatives regarding roads and parking for the 100,000 people who will arrive from all over Italy and many European countries, without forgetting respect for the residents.

At the end of the Conference Claudio Trotta said: “Happy to contribute to the creation and realization of a collective experience of well-being and joy. The extraordinary longevity and uniqueness of AC/DC, with which I have the honor of working exclusively in Italy since September 1991, inspires us to raise the bar of attention and attention to detail this time too, trying to guarantee the public a memorable overall experience . It will be very important to move towards the concert venue well in advance considering the large number of travelers on Italian motorways and the all-Italian characteristic of exit payments at motorway toll booths which already generates queues during weekends and the summer season.

On May 25th all of us organizers and producers of the concert, managers of the RCF Arena, institutions, service provider companies, workers, together with the artists and the public will contribute to maintaining the high “rating” of Emilia Romagna, a crucial region for at least 40 years in the development of live music in Italy. I hope to see few cell phones in use during the concert because they distract from the reality and truth of the live performance and because they take away the magic from the brightness of the stage and annoy those behind or next to those who use them.”

The president of Coopservice Olivi underlined that: “The AC/DC concert at the RCF Arena represents an extraordinary opportunity for the Reggio Emilia infrastructure which, thanks to international events of this scale, has the possibility of becoming one of the most important locations in Europe.

An event that we are preparing to experience thanks to Barley Arts, which has chosen our location for the first time and which by virtue of a recognized organizational capacity and a proven network of international collaborations, is working to ensure that everything can work in the best possible way, so as to ensure the public a unique and unforgettable experience. For this reason I would like to thank, in addition to Barley Arts and AC/DC, also bodies, associations and all the local partners who are working to achieve these objectives, driven like us by the passion for music and the love for our city .”.

These are the official times for Saturday 25 May:

Gate opening h. 12:00 pm

The Pretty Reckless h. 7.05pm

AC/DC h. 8.45pm

To make the fans' wait and return home more pleasant, near the Le Reggiane structure in Piazzale Europa – near the underpass that connects the city center with the route that leads to the Arena alongside the Reggio Emilia railway station – there will be the Le Reggiane Village has been set up, an area with food trucks, music by Virgin Radio, toilets and a special AC/DC truck with official merchandising that will not be available elsewhere. The Le Reggiane Village will be active on Friday 24 May (from 6pm to 1am) and Saturday 25 (from 9.30am to 2.30am).

Great attention will be paid to logistics: there are in fact five special trains that will travel in the night between 25 and 26 May from the Reggio Emilia railway station (with entrance on Piazzale Europa) to bring the fans home:

Frecciarossa 99147 from Reggio Emilia (00:30) to Rome Termini (05:06) with stops in Florence Santa Maria Novella (01:35) and Rome Tiburtina (04:58).

Frecciarossa 99148 from Reggio Emilia (00:35) to Torino Porta Nuova (02:45) with stops in Milano Centrale (01:35) and Torino Porta Susa (02:33).

Tper 94455 from Reggio Emilia (01:00) to Bologna Centrale (01:35) with a stop in Modena (01:12).

Tper 94470 from Reggio Emilia (01.30) to Milan Centrale (03.10) with stops in Parma (01.45) and Piacenza (02.15).

Tper 94463 from Reggio Emilia (02.30) to Bologna Centrale (03.05) with a stop in Modena (02.42).

The latest Frecciarossa tickets can be purchased via the Trenitalia App, at ticket offices and authorized travel agencies, or on the website. Tickets for TPER (regional) trains are on sale on the Bus For Fun website and in the sales point active at the Le Reggiane Village on May 25th.

At the Reggio Emilia railway station (entrance on Piazzale Europa) and in the Le Reggiane Village area, Bus For Fun will distribute identification bracelets intended solely for those who use the TPER regional trains in order to speed up transit to the platforms. Those who use Frecciarossa trains do not need a bracelet to access the station. We remind you that the Reggio Emilia AV station will be closed on the night of the concert.

For those who prefer to reach the arena by car, it is possible to book a place for your car, motorbike or camper on the Park For Fun circuit. During the day of May 25th it will be possible to search for your car park on Waze or Google Maps and conveniently obtain all the directions directly on the app. Tent places are also available on Park For Fun. On the occasion of the concert, a luggage storage service will be active at the Don Bosco oratory in Via Adua 79. The storage will be active from Saturday 25 May from 8am to 7.30pm and will then reopen at 11pm and close at 2am on Sunday 26 May. The cost for depositing items will be 10 euros for backpacks and bags, and 5 euros for smaller items (e.g. helmets).

We remind you that the concert is sold out and there will be no tickets available at the box office. Barley Arts always recommends not to rely on Secondary Ticketing circuits for the purchase of tickets, avoiding giving life to the illegal market of tickets for live events. Ticketone was the only authorized sales channel for the concert. Concert tickets are named after the user: upon entry into the Arena, the control service staff will verify that the name on the ticket and the identity document of the person entering match. We remind you that the name change service will be active on the Ticketone website until 6pm on Friday 24 May; Only one name change can be made per ticket. Children up to 6 years of age will be able to access the Italian concert for free; from 7 years of age they can enter with a full ticket and there are no reductions.

The sector you can access is only the one indicated on the ticket (Red Zone, Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, Green Zone, Blue Zone). It will not be possible to make sector changes. Each area is equipped with its own refreshment points, bars, merchandising and toilets. Once you have accessed the Arena it will no longer be possible to leave until the end of the concert.

Assistance for people with disabilities is provided by Unitalsi Emilia Romagna. The areas reserved for people with disabilities are located in the Red Zone sector: access will be reserved only to those who have received confirmation of their place, tickets and information from Mani Amiche Onlus, which has managed the bookings of these areas starting from the announcement of the event (12 February 2024). The availability of seats in these areas has ended.

The companions of ambulant people cannot access the reserved areas (unless a need for constant assistance has been previously agreed) but will stand near them to ensure that the space reserved for other chairs is not taken away wheelchair users and/or people with walking problems.

To stay up to date on the concert, a free app for iOS and Android developed by AJepCom with all the useful information to best enjoy the Italian concert is available on the Barley Arts x ACDC digital stores, or check the updates in the specific section on website.

All control service staff wear numbered bibs with a QR code that can be scanned with your smartphone to receive all the useful information. The same QR is printed on the bracelets intended for the public and is displayed at the cash registers and in the Arena. Catering inside RCF Arena is managed directly by the venue.

Virgin Radio is the official radio of AC/DC's only Italian date; Rockol and Sony Music Italy are partners.