A bat bit Taylor Momsen in concert

A bat bit Taylor Momsen in concert

Forty-two years after that Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat in concert, as reported by Consequence, another bat has become part of the epic of the great rock family. The episode took place on Wednesday evening at the Estadio La Cartuja in Seville, Spain, when the singer of Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen she was bitten by a bat on stage.

The singer of the American band herself published a video on her Instagram channel divided into two parts in which she chronicles what happened: in the first part she is seen on stage with the bat wrapped around her leg, and the second shows her once in hospital where she went to do all the necessary tests, where the marks left by the flying mammal's teeth can be seen.

The clip is accompanied by a caption that comments with great wit on what happened: “So. ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT. Wednesday in Seville during, among all the songs, 'Witches Burn' (ed.). he flew at me and grabbed onto my leg. I was performing at the time and I had no idea but the amazing audience kept screaming and pointing. He was cute, but yeah, he bit me so rabies shots for the next one two weeks. I thank all the hospital staff who nicknamed me batgirl after seeing it on the local news that morning.”

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In the portion of concert footage, Momsen can be seen telling the audience: “Guys, point to something but I don't know what you're seeing… There's a fucking bat on my leg. Can someone please help me? I really have to be A witch!”. Then his bandmates approach and a photographer takes the bat off his leg, but not before taking some very close photos.

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as the opening set for the legendary Australian band's show. Tomorrow evening, Saturday 1 June, they will be on stage again at the Estadio La Cartuja in Seville.