30 years later Dirotta su Cuba reissue “Jealousy”

30 years later Dirotta su Cuba reissue “Jealousy”

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of its release occurred in 1994 of their first single i Diverts to Cuba they publish “Jealousy 30 Bday” is coming in vinyl format Saturday 20 April on Warner Music for the Record Store Day.

From Friday 19 April “Jealousy 30 Bday” it will also be available on all digital stores. The “extended version” not included on the vinyl will also be released in the digital version.

In the physical medium in addition to the Radio Edit of the new Remix by Tommy Veewill be included original historical version from 1994the one revisited by the same band in 2016 with the participation of Blacks By Chance in the a cappella intro and the Remix by Max Baffa released only on vinyl in 1995 after the great success of Gelosia.

“”Jealousy”says Tomme VeeIt's a song that for me and for all acid jazz lovers represents one of the rare Italian crossovers, so it was a pleasure and an honor to try to update it while respecting the original mood.”

“”Jealousy remix”: great satisfaction! In addition to the original, the version most played on the radio and appreciated by the general public. Piano idea deliberately inspired by David Morales' productions of that period.
It was 1994. Together with the musicians Maurizio Pini and Alessandro Scali we produced a remix danced in all the discos”
Max Baffa.

The vinyl celebrating 30 years since the release of the song it will only be sold in 250 indie stores who participate in Record Store Day, the list of which is available on the site of the event. The album will be part of the merchandising during Dirotta's concerts in Cuba.

In 2024, to celebrate 30 years of “Jealousy”, in addition to the record re-release, Dirotta su Cuba will start again for the “Jealousy 30 bday – Let's celebrate tour” where they look back at their greatest successes.

The first stop will be at Milan at the Blue Note on April 20th with a double sold out achieved over a month ago.

They continue the April 22nd in Romeafter many years of absence from the capital, where they will perform at the Sala Petrassi Auditorium.

They will finally return to their hometown, Florencewhere it all began, iMay 10th at the Viper. In all three stages there will be surprise guests.

On stage Dirotta will present themselves with a totally renewed lineup composed of Simona Bencini – voice, Emiliano Pari – voice and keyboards, Stefano Profazi – voice and guitar, Vincenzo Protano – Drums, Patrizio Sacco – Bass, Donato Sensini – Sax, Luca Iaboni – Trumpet and Massimo Orselli – Percussion

THE Diverts to Cuba with their sound inaugurated in 1994 the most acid jazz and funk period that Italy has ever had.

30 years have passed and Dirotta on Cuba, amidst a thousand vicissitudes, separations and line up changes, are still active.

The only true constant is Simona Bencini, voice and soul of the group: “The success of Gelosia came unexpectedly, it overwhelmed us, no one would have ever bet on the success of a genre that is not very popular in Italy like funk sung in Italian. And instead, thanks to the long wave of British acid jazz that paved the way for us, we became a fashion phenomenon, everyone wanted us everywhere! Nobody knew who we were, what our faces or our stories were like, we had no influential friends or famous producers: it was the music that won, the radios went crazy for us and we became, today we would say, viral! Practically a fairy tale. A beautiful period began, among the happiest of my life. Also because for me it was a moment of redemption, of revenge… After the success of Gelosia we took off