When Paul McCartney and Beck got bounced at a party

When Paul McCartney and Beck got bounced at a party

During his recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new orchestral tour, Beck recalled the time he and some of his friends, who happened to be Paul McCartney, the late Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters and movie star Woody Harrelson, were bounced from a party.

Looking back on the 2016 incident, the musician explained once again how things went down when he and others were turned away from the Argyle club in Hollywood, where rapper Tyga was hosting a Grammy post-party. Beck recounted the incident:

“I was with McCartney and he said, ‘My wife wants to go dancing.’ I said Mark Ronson was probably DJing at a party we could go to. So we headed to Hollywood, but we had the wrong address. When we got there, everything was closed. So we walked around and went to another place before we saw people and thought it was the party. Paul said to the bouncer, ‘Can we come in?’ The answer was, ‘No. You can’t come in.'”

The moment was filmed by a cameraman at the time in a video for the American gossip and entertainment website TMZ. In the clip in question, the former Beatle can be seen at the entrance of the party hosted by the rapper joking with his friends and saying: “How much more VIP do we have to become?!” After having gracefully accepted their fate, the group composed of Beck, McCartney, Hawkins and Harrelson continued partying at another venue called Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails.

An Argyle spokesman, however, said that Macca had not been turned away at the door, but that there had been a misunderstanding, as Mark Ronson’s party was at another venue, the Hyde Lounge.

Following the incident, Tyga took to social media to explain how things went down on his end. The rapper stressed that he had no intention of kicking the group out of his party and that he was only at the Argyle club to perform, with no control over the guest list. “Why would I turn Paul McCartney down?” Tyga tweeted at the time. “He’s a legend.”