Vasco Rossi: "I'm writing a song dedicated to women"

Vasco Rossi: rehearsals open to fans (and the last on the lineup)

Indeed, almost everything is now ready for the debut of Vasco Rossi's new tour, which will be inaugurated on June 2nd – in just over two weeks – at the Stadio Comunale in Bibione and which will officially start on June 7th with the first of the seven scheduled dates at the San Siro Stadium in Milan (where he will also perform on 8, 11, 12, 15, 19 and 20 June), before moving from 25 to 30 June to the San Nicola Stadium in Bari.

At Cromie in Castellaneta, a nightclub that the rocker from Zocca chooses as his headquarters every year, on the eve of the start of one of his tours, the final preparations are in full swing, with Vasco and his band rehearsing all the songs on the set list live. From tomorrow to Wednesday a delegation of members of the Blasco Fan Club, the official fan club of the voice of “Albachiara”, will join the “Blasco gang” in Castellaneta to watch a preview of part of the show. Yesterday, meanwhile, “the first day of the last practice session took place at Cromie. Free practice”, as Vasco recounts in his video diary on Instagram. .

“Ours are like Formula One tests… during which we take very important data on the speed, the tempos, the various balances of the songs, the state of the music, the instruments… to evaluate everything, just like they do in Formula One” , says the rocker about the rehearsals. “I also take my data on the breathing, on the air, on various things. Vince makes all the notes, we record everything, we listen again later. These free rehearsals are fundamental for gaining information on how the whole orchestra runs in practice. And the ladder comes down… it rolls down… very well!! In fact, it's a raging river.”

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Meanwhile, other details about the setlist continue to leak out: “I'm preparing a particular setlist. Last year they were more intimate songs about man-woman relationships, this year it will be a different setlist, more on social issues, a social setlist. There are 24 songs with an extraordinary start”, the singer-songwriter had anticipated in recent weeks. Now Vasco adds other details: “The first three pieces – he writes on social media – must be powerful for the idea of ​​the rock show: the first gets you, the second amazes you, the third knocks you out”.

The first titles could be spoiled already in the next few days: “The sequence of live songs, the setlist or set list, is fundamental. Mine change every year, depending on the story we want to tell. What makes mine special concerts is the wave that is created by the succession of songs, it overwhelms you, whips you, gives you a moment to breathe and then starts the ride again. It's a continuous emotion, like being on a roller coaster ride. Sometimes I leave it out great songs, it's obvious: I can't sing them all, but I assure you that they will all be 'represented' over the course of the two-plus hours of the concert.”