Valencia, Las Fallas and other music festivals

Valencia, Las Fallas and other music festivals

In the period that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, from 15 to 19 March, colour, music, bonfires, tradition and art enliven every year Valenciaand the various countries of the Valencian Community, for Las Fallas (history and program), the most international party in the citydeclared by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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The origin of this festival can be found in an ancient one habit of carpenters and craftsmen who, celebrating the arrival of spring, on the night of March 19th, burned the pieces of wood (the parot) which they used to lift the lamps that illuminated them during the winter. This tradition was then taken up by the inhabitants, who began to burning old unused things as a symbolic sign, such as furniture and clothes and other items. Little by little, old junk and rags were added to this purifying fire, thus humanizing the parot until they become gods ninots, to which the humor of the Valencians soon gave the critical and ironic sense that they still retain today. THE ninots they therefore appear as gods small statues wearing discarded clothes and ragswhich have been since the 18th century at the base of the Las Fallas monumentswhich have now evolved into ephemeral works of art which, in some cases, have millionaire budgets.

As part of the celebrations for this end of winter festival, which begin on the last Sunday of February, from 1st to 19th March, every day at 2pm in the Plaça de l'Ajuntament is celebrated “The mascletà”, an exceptional show, which attracts an average of 150,000 people a day. The name of this act comes from the type of firecracker that is exploded when the Fallera Mayor pronounces his classic “Senyor pirótecnic pot començar la mascletà”.

With “The Planta of March 15th we enter the heart of the party and, after the intense activity which ends at dawn on the 16th so that all the Las Fallas of Valencia are finished, a jury rewards the best and chooses the ninot pardoned, the only one who will be saved from the fire during the “Cremà”. The the culmination of the festival is therefore reached on the nights of 18 and 19 March. The night of the 18th, called “La nit del foc”, represents the pinnacle of Valencians' passion for fireworks displays (here is the fireworks calendar) and on the streets of the city it becomes easy to come across people throwing firecrackers or improvising fireworks shows. The night of the 19th is called “Cream” (find out more about the program), during which all the built fallas are burned in very tall and beautiful bonfiresexcept for the favorite ninot by visitors to the exhibition, which was saved and then preserved in the Fallero Museum.

Valencia, however, is not just Las Fallas. Many other events and music festivals, in fact, enliven the city during the year. In addition to the concerts, film shows and art exhibitions hosted by the Palau de la Música, events of all kinds take place in Valencia. Until next April 25th, for example, the dedicated cycle two cycles dedicated to Flamenco: the Les Arts cyclee.g. Flamenco (details here), and the cycle Mediterranean guitars (details here), with Javier Zamora (flamenca guitar) and Toni Cotolí (classical guitar). In May, it's then the turn of Deleste festival (details here), at Viveros Gardens which this year, from 17 to 18 May, offers a program that brings together great international bands such as

Editors And Sleaford Modsimportant names on the national scene, as well as emerging groups on the local scene.

Furthermore, in the month of June, the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia becomes the scene of numerous initiatives, including the great dance concert of the 90s on June 1st with “Love the '90s” (details here), with – among others – Gala, Safri Duo, Robin S, Alice DJ, Ann Lee, 2 Faiola, Martina de Gem, Nicki French. From 7 to 8 June it is then time for Arts Festival (details here), while June 28th and 29th will then be the turn of Big Sound Festival (details here) with, in the line up, Quevedo, Mike Towers, Ana Mena, Sen Senra, Recycled J, María Escarmiento, José de Rico, Henry Mendez, The Tyets, Enol, Pimp Flaco and Orslok.

The Marina Sur of Valencia will host the Latin Fest 2024 (details here), “The best urban music festival of the moment” and in autumn, on 11 and 12 October, the Love to Rock festival (details here).