The five most played songs by Bruce Springsteen in Italy

The five most played songs by Bruce Springsteen in Italy

The song that Bruce Springsteen played the most during the 50 shows collected in Italy since the historic one on June 21, 1985, which marked the Boss’s debut in our country? Surprise: It’s not “Born in the USA.” When nine years ago, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the show which in the summer of ’85 saw him perform for the first time in front of Italian fans, we compared the setlists of the various shows held by Springsteen in Italy up to 2015, we calculated that the most played songs up until then had been “Born in the USA”, “The river” and “Born to run”, played by the rocker 27 times each.

We did the math again on the eve of the two shows that next year, on 30 June and 3 July 2025, right at San Siro will see Bruce Springsteen celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the 1985 show, an anniversary brought forward this year by that of the 40th anniversary of album “Born in the USA” (milestone of Springsteen’s discography and of rock more generally.just back in stores in a special reissue for Sony Music in colored vinyl with expanded packaging: you can purchase it at this link). “Born to run” is in first place now. Here is the updated top 5:

“Born to run” (33 times)

“Born in the USA” (31 times)

“The river” (31 times)

“The promised land” (31 times)

“Badlands” (29 times)

Sony Music’s translucent red vinyl packaging for the reissue also includes a gatefold cover and an exclusive booklet enriched with archive material from the time, new liner notes written by Erik Flannigan and a four-color lithograph print.

“Born in the USA” perfectly captured the pop-rock culture zeitgeist of a generation. It holds the unbeaten record of 7 singles from the album’s tracklist in the Top Ten Singles, has sold 17 million copies and the related tour recorded 156 sold-out live performances around the world.