Bon Jovi: new single released today

The Bad Record Set by Bon Jovi

Last month the new album of the Bon Jovi, “Forever” (read the review here). If nothing happens in the future, the album will have marked, as reported by Forbes, an unflattering record for the New Jersey band.

After debuting at number five on the charts its week of release, “Forever” It dropped out of the top two hundred spots on the Billboard chart entirely the following week. “Forever”unless he returns, will therefore be the first studio album of the Bon Jovi to remain in the Top 200 of the US chart.

The star of the Bon Jovi no longer shines as it did a few decades ago. In fact, even the group’s previous album, “2020” (read here the review), remained on the charts for only two weeks. It peaked at number 19 in its first week, before falling to number 145 the following week, and finally dropping out of the top 200 entirely.

The new album probably won’t be able to be promoted on tour as Jon Bon Jovi after the operation on his vocal cords he is still not in a condition to handle the strain of a series of concerts. As the singer himself confirmed in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian: “It’s a work in progress. There’s no miracle. I just wish there was a damn switch. I’m more than capable of singing again. The question is: can I do two and a half hours a night, four nights a week? The answer is no.”