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Tenco Awards 2024: Here Are the Winners in the Six Categories

Today, Monday 8th July, the announcement was made the winning works of the 2024 Tenco Awards in the six categories. The awards are assigned by a large and competent jury made up of experts, journalists and professionals chosen by the Tenco Club. The recognition has been awarded since 1984 to annually celebrate the best works related to the world of songwriting.

With 62 votes, “It’s useless to talk about love” by Paolo Benvegnù triumphed in the category “Best album ever“, beating the other finalists – Vasco Brondi with “Un segno di vita” (50 preferences); Calcutta with “Relax” (45 preferences); Daniele Silvestri with “Disco X” (44 preferences); La Crus with “Proteggimi da quello che voglio” (35 preferences).

Thanks to 74 votes, “Assamanu” of Setak is the “Best dialect album“, prevailing over Davide Van De Sfroos with “Manoglia” (53 preferences); Eleonora Bordonaro with “Roda” (47 preferences); Massimo Silverio with “Hrudja” (33 preferences); Mesudì with “Nodi” (9 preferences).

64 are instead the votes obtained by “Heal my soul” by Elisa Ridolfi, who won the award as “Best First Album“, winning over Lamante with “In memory of” (54 preferences); Marta Del Grandi with “Selva” (50 preferences); Andrea Satta with “Nothing new except you” (43 preferences); Coanda with “The lives elsewhere” (6 preferences).

For the license plate “Best Artist Album“, the most voted work is “Until forever Mercedes” by Simona Molinari with 60 preferences, prevailing over: Perturbazione with “La Buona Novella (dal vivo)” (56 preferences); Joe Barbieri with “Vulío” (39 preferences); Chiara Raggi and Giovanna Famulari with “In punta di corde” (31 preferences); Agnese Valle with “I miei uomini” (29 preferences); Alberto Patrucco with “AbBrassens” (19 preferences).

The “Best Single Song” is instead “My land” of Diodato which obtained 83 votes, against “The Ocean” by Paolo Benvegnù feat. Brunori Sas (59 preferences); “The Man in the Flash” by Paolo Jannacci and Stefano Massini (40 preferences); “The Promise of Happiness” by Federico Sirianni (31 preferences); “The Flower Girl” by Agnese Valle (17 preferences).

Thanks to 63 preferences, “I’ll Be Frank – Unreleased Songs by Califano” is instead the “Best Project Album“, where among the finalists were “17 red threads + 1 – Remembering Piazza Fontana” (48 preferences); “Liberated Words Vol. 2” (39 preferences); “Shahida – Traces of Freedom” (37 preferences); “Seasons. Tribute to Massimo Volume” (30 preferences).

The Tenco Award 2024 will be held on17,18 And October 19th 2024 as usual at the Ariston Theatre Of Sanremo (Imperia). The review dedicated to the Songwriter most prestigious and renowned in our country, which this year celebrates the important milestone of 50 yearsalso in this edition will award one or more artists with the Tenco Award, assigned by the Tenco Club to the career of those who have made a significant contribution to the world of songwriting. The Tenco Club also awards the Tenco Award to the cultural operator and the Yorum Awardestablished in collaboration with Amnesty International Italy from 2020 for give visibility to artists around the world who, often risking their lives, fight for human rights and freedom of expression.