Tenco Award: nominations for the 2024 Tenco Plaques are open

Tenco Award: nominations for the 2024 Tenco Plaques are open

This year the Tenco Awardwhich celebrates its 50th anniversary, will be held in Sanremo from 16th to 19th Octoberwith three evenings of live music with great guests at the Ariston Theater on 17, 18 and 19 October.

On the website of the review dedicated to Songwriting Applications are open until May 31st for artists who want to submit their work for the award Tenco 2024 plaques for “The best records of the year” (link to send the application and consult the regulations: www.clubtenco.it/targhe-tenco-contatti/).

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Tenco license plates are divided into six sections: “Best album ever“, “Best album in dialect” (or minority language spoken in Italy), “Best First Album“(first long-form album by owner, songwriter or group), “Best Performer Album“, “Best Single Song” (the award goes to the authors of the song), “Best project album” (i.e. with a single theme that characterizes all the songs contained. The album must not be attributed to a single artist or group, it must contain at least 6 songs, it must have a minimum duration of 35 minutes and must be created with the intervention of at least 4 different performers, individuals or groups, each of whom must be the owner of at least one piece, not a guest but the main performer specified in the credits).

As reported in a press release, a work, having its characteristics, can participate in multiple sections at the same timebut the votes can never be cumulated between the different sections.

Furthermore, it is reported that the works that can participate in the 2024 edition of the Targhe Tenco must necessarily have these characteristics: have been published (i.e. made available in any way to the public) between 1 June 2023 and 31 May 2024, contain at least 5 songs and have a minimum duration of 30 minutes (with the exception of the single song and project album sections) , contain, in the majority, unreleased versions and have a single Italian owner, be it a single singer-songwriter, group or performer (also in this case the project album section is an exception).

The sections “Best album ever”, “Best album in dialect” and “Best album first work” are reserved for owners who are simultaneously authors and performers of the majority of the songs contained in the album while the sections “Best album ever”, “Best album in dialect” and “Best album by performer” must contain at least half of the songs that belong to the category in which they compete, except in particular cases to be evaluated from time to time.

The works of the artists nominated for the Plaques are voted by a vast and competent jury made up of expertsjournalists and professionals chosen by Club Tenco, who express their votes in the ways and times that are communicated to the association's jurors.

The event, like every year, will also reward one or more artists with the Tenco Prize, awarded by the Tenco Club to the careers of those who have made a significant contribution to world songwriting.