Roger Waters sang "Wish You Were Here" for Palestine

Roger Waters sang “Wish You Were Here” for Palestine

A few days ago Roger Waters participated, also present Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens and the British rapper and activist Lowkey, at the Stand Up for Palestine 2024 concert which was held at St Pancras Parish Church in London, also playing an intense “Wish You Were Here” of the Pink Floyd.

Waters introduced the song by saying, “People sometimes think that ‘Wish You Were Here’ is the dirge for a childhood friend of mine, Syd Barrett.

Well, guess what? Sometimes it is, but not tonight. Tonight is for Palestine. We too are engaged here tonight as part of a larger existential battle for the very soul of the human race.”

The former Pink Floydspeaking to those present, he further said: “I am sure that many of you, like me, live on the brink of tears. We live on the brink of discomfort, on the brink of tears, because we feel empathy for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and in the other occupied territories in Palestine.”

Roger Waters beyond “Wish You Were Here” he proposed, “The Bar” together with the guitarist Dave Kilminster And “Outside the Wall”. While Yusuf Islam sang his 1970 classic “Wild World”, “All Nights, All Days” And “The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls”. In the video below the set of Cat Stevens is visible starting from 1h22m, while that of Roger Waters from 1h43m.