Pietro Morello attacked last night in Turin

Pietro Morello attacked last night in Turin

Last night the musician, influencer and humanitarian worker (with children) Peter Morello he was attacked after the first night of the KappaFuturFestival, the electronic music festival taking place at Parco Dora in Turin, the musician’s city.

Morello reported the incident with a video that appeared on social media in which he appears with the obvious bruises that the beating left him.

These are his words on social media

I have bruises everywhere. Eyes, lip, back, arms. They beat me. Five of them. Cowards. They were screaming my name and surname so I knew exactly who I was, but that doesn’t matter,
What I didn’t understand is why? Why did I say ‘fascists’ in a video? I’ll say it again, with my head held high. Fascists. Or why did I say that homophobia is a disease? Well done, you’re confirming one of the things I believe in most: that words and culture, if used well, can be much scarier than beatings”

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Morello is a young multi-instrumentalist musician famous for his videos on YouTube and social media in which he talks about music and tells his experiences that he has lived for a long time working with children on behalf of humanitarian workers around the world. His humanitarian activity also passes through teaching music to the youngest.

Last winter the young artist (born in 1999) brought to the stage the show “Non è un concerto” which was based on his book in which he recounts his experiences with children around the world but also in Italy.