Parallel Voices: a concert in Rome for Giuni Russo

Parallel Voices: a concert in Rome for Giuni Russo

The artistic career of Giuni Russo was marked by her extraordinary voice and versatility, which allowed her to explore different musical genres, from pop music to jazz, from pop to opera, up to the influences of ethnic music.

20 years after his untimely death (14 September 2004 at just 53 years old), the concert “Parallel Voices“, which will be held on September 14th at 9pm at the Auditorium della Nuvola in Rome for the EUR Culture review, celebrates his important contribution to Italian music.

The “Voci Parallele” concert will not only be a tribute to a great artist, but will also represent a moment of collective sharing through music, underlining how Giuni Russo's musical legacy continues to inspire and live on in the present.

The event will see the participation of numerous notable artists such as Alice with Carlo Guaitoli, Antonella Ruggiero, Arisa, Dulce Pontes, Irene Grandi, Laura Catrani, Mario Incudine with Antonio Vasta, Tenores Di Neoneli, Paolo Fresu, Rita Pavone, Ron, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Simone Cristicchi and Amaraas well as an exclusive video contribution from Tiziano Ferro.

Giuni Russo's songs that were very successful and remained in the Italian musical heritage such as “A summer at the seaside“, “Alghero“, “His Figure”, “Mediterranean” And “I will die of love” will be reinterpreted during the evening. The artists will be accompanied by an ensemble of musicians, including the string quartet Roma Tre Orchestra String Quartet and a rhythm section composed of Antonello D'Urso, Andrea Torresani, Giordano Colombo, Fabio Gangi and Stefano Medioli, who is also the musical director.

Pre-sales for the concert are available on the Vivaticket and Ticketone websites. The event is produced by IMARTS with Maria Antonietta Sisini, historic collaborator of Giuni Russo, in collaboration with Eur Culture, the program of events and shows promoted by EUR SpA.