Ozzy Osbourne against Kanye West for an unauthorized sample

Ozzy and Lemmy protagonists of a new cartoon

Sharon Osbourne announced that he is working on a new superhero cartoon with Ozzy Osbourne and the late frontman of Motörhead Lemmy Kilmister.

In an interview with The Entertainer Magazine, Sharon said: “They’re superheroes. It’s very, very funny. It’s irreverent and fun. Hopefully someone buys it and it comes out. We’re excited.”

This won’t be the first time that Ozzy and Lemmy appear together in an animated adventure: previously, in fact, the two participated in the music video of the 2022 cartoon of “Hellraiser“.

Lemmy, who was friends with Ozzy in real life, also collaborated on the album “No More Tears” by Osbourne in 1991.

Meanwhile, Ozzy has recently struggled with health issues and had to cancel an upcoming appearance at the Mad Monster Party film festival, scheduled for the weekend of July 12.

According to a statement from Sharon (Osbourne’s wife and manager), her son Jack will participate in Ozzy’s place. “Reluctantly, the Osbourne family is forced to cancel our upcoming appearance at the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix due to Ozzy being unable to travel at this time,” she said in a statement. “However, Jack will be there waving the Osbourne flag. Everyone who purchased the Osbourne package will obviously be refunded.”

“We would like to thank all of you – continued Sharon – for your constant support. It means a lot to him, you have no idea. I can only apologize that we will not be present and I apologize from the bottom of my heart to the people we have let down. So God Bless you all. Thank you very much.”

Additionally, Ozzy recently appeared in a commercial for Liquid Death’s new product, Death Dust, a mineral supplement drink available in three flavors. The advertising clip sees two teenagers pouring a sachet of the drink into a cup while on the street. Osbourne pulls up in a black SUV and stops the kids, yelling, “Hey guys. Death dust? Don’t snort that stuff.” One of the guys responds to the rock icon by saying that they didn’t mean to do that and that they were going to “stir and hydrate.” The singer goes on to say: “Whatever you do, don’t try freebasing (a more efficient method of inhaling alkaloids) and never, ever inject it. And don’t even think about doing it, you little perverts.” Then he begins to explain what “boofing” is (“Boofing” is a slang term for taking substances anally) before being interrupted by a video in which the product is used correctly. The end of the commercial sees Osbourne’s car speeding away.