Oh, yes: Vasco Rossi is still here

Oh, yes: Vasco Rossi is still here

“Live or nothing” Of Vasco Rossi he made thirteen. It was in fact published thirteen years ago, on 29 March 2011. During the presentation of the album, the vindicated Emilian rocker quoted the text of “Of course”: “It seemed like the end of the world, and instead I'm here. I also say this to those who spat in my face in the '80s, when they called me all sorts of things.” Thirteen years later, now more than ever, Vasco is still here. In the following lines our review of “Live or nothing”the third to last album released by Komandante.

Intro: it would be enough to take the trouble to read the lyrics (and even more so to enjoy the clip) of “Eh already”, which anticipated the release of the album, to understand the futility of writing truths or fantasies about Vasco Rossi. He is a world unto himself and the suggestions given by the first listens of “Vivere o niente” matter little, there will always be an “eeeeeehhh” between the lines and when you least expect it, it will be worth much more than the time spent listening to it and it will resurface all the “eeeeeehhh” that have always made us and have kept us company.

The very negligible detail: completely personal opinion and problem, thirteen songs – fourteen with the “Speak Easy Studio” version of “Prendi la strada” for iTunes – I consider them a lot, perhaps too many. Metaphorically speaking, it is always better to leave the table with a little appetite.
Check up: Vasco's state of health has all the values ​​in the right place. Relatively at peace with the world and with himself, he chose the path of apparent lightness to continue his search for the truth during his passage on planet Earth.

Music & lyrics: the lyrics of “Vivere o niente” are clear and direct to Vasco's visitors in terms of vocabulary and themes, then his interpretation, as usual, makes the difference and brings them qualitatively upstairs. We move from the whispered confidences of “Living is not easy”, “Stammi close”, “Dici che”, “I'll be better than this” and the song that gives the title to the CD to the classic rock by the artist from Zocca of “You're crazy about me”.

An irresistible singing reigns supreme in “Futurist Manifesto of the New Humanity” and its pair is the urgent rock roll of “Mary Luise” and “Non sei cosa che eri”. Emblematic for the entire album is “L'aquilone”: the first bars of the “Tango of jealousy” leave the field to a Vasco in splendid shape for a closing that… I go to the maximum, I go to Mexico, I go at full speed.

Final result: most of the songs on “Vivere o niente” seem to have been pulled out after a large number of years from the drawer in which they had ended up sacrificed by the overproduction of the last period. Simple and direct, it is a record with the scent of the past that looks to the future, a very beautiful record. Even if, guys, beauty is in the ears of the listener. Yep, it's still here. Whoever is in charge of these things may preserve it for us.