Mirco Mariani releases two songs for his new project

Mirco Mariani releases two songs for his new project

They are available digitally.”I love life” And “Allows for slow dancing”, the new singles by the multi-instrumentalist, composer and author from Romagna Mirco Marianiformer leader of the Extra smooth.

I love life”, is a dedication to life and its ups and downs that alternate endlessly.

The song is a song of love for life and what it has given you. It was born under the porticoes of Bologna, where thoughts have always resonated, a song that protects and heals from beatings and machine guns among the teeththe.
Mirco Mariani says

The film ofI love life”, edited by Betty Wrong (Elisabeta Sgarbi), it's online

Allows for slow dancing”, it is a sweet and nostalgic dedication of love that lasts a lifetime. The artist recalls memories and emotions spent inside a dance hall during an intimate dance.

I love the Selvapiana Poker Club and its history. A disco, a dance and today a Night in the middle of the countryside. A romantic and extreme place. For one evening I imagined being the DJ dropped into a timeless space for a slow dance against the beat
Mirco Mariani explains

The two songs inaugurate the new solo project “THE SUBMARINE PARKER” by Mirco Mariani, after the international experience with Extraliscio, which evokes the spirit of the old 45s.

The project involves the publication of several songs during the year, always two by two in digital format, thus reviving the idea of ​​the old vinyl singles which offered a side A and a side B that were somehow indissoluble. It is a journey towards new musical explorations that follows an eternal passion that becomes a need.

Mirco Mariani (born 1969), is a multifaceted multi-instrumentalist. He collaborated as a drummer with Enrico Rava and with Vinicio Caposselaaccompanying the latter on numerous albums.

He founded the group in the mid-90s Mazapegul with whom he publishes “Counterdance” (1996) and “Little Nomad Song” (1998). In 2010 she gave life to the project Greetings from Saturna small combo dedicated to the song form which, until 2014, produced four albums.

In 2015, the Extraliscio project was born, with the intention of giving life back to smooth, combining it with a punk soul. The band includes Moreno conficconi “il biondo” and Mauro Ferrara, the voice of “Romagna mia”, both stars of the ballroom scene.

In 2021 they participate in the Sanremo Festival with “White black light” with Davide Toffolo of the Three Happy Dead Boys.

Mariani, with various “stage names”, participates in numerous projects with international artists