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Mina’s summer playlist on Spotify

Pirames has “assembled” a compilation on Spotify with ten current but timeless songs by Mina. A selection of iconic and sunny songs, designed to accompany summer days with an artist who you wouldn’t think of in this role (and yet she’s fine here too).

The selected songs range between rock’n’roll and blues/jazz. The first track is “We need a little R’n’R”song by Andrea Mingardi contained in the album “Maeba” published in 2018, a record that also contains a rereading of “Heartbreak Hotel” and of “Last Christmas” by George Michael and “A minestrina” written by Paolo Conte who sings it with Mrs. Mazzini.

The playlist also features three duets: “Agua Y Sal” with Miguel Bose (from the album “Todavia” – 2007), “Butterflies” with Ivano Fossati (from their joint album “Mina Fossati” from 2019, the only album that saw the Ligurian singer-songwriter return to the scene after his abandonment in 2011). The last “feat” is the one with Blanco (Mina has always been attentive to new musical generations). Together the two created in 2023 “A bit of joy”.

Among the songs there is also the classic “Time to die” signed Mogol Baptistshere in a more “modern” version, from 2018, compared to the one performed live of the legendary medley between Mina and Battisti in 1972, in the TV show “Theater 10” (hosted by Alberto Lupo and Mina).