Manu Chao releases the single “Viva Tu” today

Manu Chao releases the single “Viva Tu” today

It seemed to have disappeared Manu Chao, but it wasn't like that and therefore we can't talk about a return. He simply made different choices that took him away from the spotlight. He chose the path of simplicity, traveling with two friends, continuing to play. Manu Chao preferred the bare minimum, a healthier way of looking at the world, calmly and without confusion, with a pure and unpretentious heart.

To open a new chapter comes today a new song, a rumba, written for his neighbors, both from Barcelona and from other places, like a message in a bottle. It's called “Long live you”, “long life” in Spanish.

Manu Chao is a collector of what he calls “little pieces” that come to him from life and which are the ones needed to give shape to a song. Rather than perfection, the French-Spanish musician prefers a free and unhindered form of beauty.

In the video of “Long live you”, people are sketched in a thousand colors, at the same time nameless and at the center of everything. They represent life in all its simplicity, without pretensions. It's an ode to the slowdown of everyday life. “Long live you” is also a promise: that of a new album that will arrive this year.

The newly released single, while waiting for the album to arrive, will be possible to listen to it in the concerts in which the former Mano Negra will also be the protagonist in Italy, where seven events await him:

28 July Tarvisio (Ud), No Borders Music Festival (Laghi del Fucine afternoon concert at high altitude)
August Segrate Milan, Magnolia Club
4 August Stopped Gardens of the Girfalco Park
August 8 Paestum (You know)
15 August Castrignano Dei Greci (Le) Kascignana Festival
20 August Bagheria (Pa) Small Urban Park
25 August Diamond (Cs) Ruins Theatre