Mahmood brings his European pop to Milan

Mahmood brings his European pop to Milan

After touring European clubs with his tour Mahmood he finishes the foreign dates and returns home to his Milan where two sold outs await him at the Fabrique (for the first time he performs in this location). 17 concerts in the big European clubs (actually scheduled for 2022 but then postponed due to Covid) with which Alessandro showed himself to the Italian public abroad but also to “foreigners”.

What he brings to Milan is the same concert presented outside the borders, an hour and a half of music in which the (now) local star shows more of his pop side, relegating the urban one to some episodes.

A more “reflective” Mahmood is therefore on stage, melodic and at times intimate, with a show in which the rhythm does not always dominate the scene. With a stylish, very cool appearance Alessandro dressed all in oversize (but like triple

The beginning of the concert is obviously characterized by power and closes in a short time on the notes of “Paradise” who also see the presence (and bars) on stage before Chiello to which it is then added Tedua.

From here the real concert begins, the most intense one, in which Mahmood moves deftly between the different songs in his repertoire, favoring those from the latest album (11 songs out of the 21 in the setlist – 26 if the medleys are “deconstructed”). . The atmospheres become more intense, “Chills” slows down, often only a spotlight illuminates the scene and the singing protagonist, while with “Arab” keeps what the title promises by taking the audience towards the atmospheres of the Maghreb in an “ethnic” world.

Alessandro demonstrates on several occasions his undoubted and unmistakable vocal qualities and, in the context of a club, he enjoys, in very specific blocks, interacting with the public, reads the signs that the fans display to him, wishes Giulia well he celebrates his birthday, talks to others, asks for names and satisfies song requests by improvising a cappella some fragments of what his fans ask him (who on one occasion also give demonstrations of great performances). He has a very frank relationship with his audience who obviously doesn't waste a second to sing his songs with him.

The pace rises only on two occasions, those in which pop gives way to urban and its sonic and spectacular rituals. These are the two medleys of the evening where the first one comes together “Dorado” / “Prohibited” / “Talata” / “Klan” and then in the second “Barrio” / “Kobra” / “Oar”. With the increase in BPM and the massive dose of electronics also comes the possibility of dancing and so first the stage and then the audience are transformed into a dance floor with Mahmood launching himself into studied and refined choreographies that are at times very sensual, unleashing the hall hormone.

After the second medley a short break followed by the other two “Sanremo practices”. It is to the tune, much sung by the public, of the hits “Money” followed by those of “Gold suit” that Mahmood sends those present home, ready to welcome those the following day and send everyone back to 21 and 22 October at the Unipol Forum in Milan (with the first date already sold out).

The European tour saw a very pop, reflective, intense and mature Mahmood, with some more “light-hearted” openings. Basically what it takes to make yourself known abroad in a context like that of clubs.

Now the outdoor summer performances await him which require more energy and determination and then the sports halls where a further strong productive and visual element must be added. We will see what he will be able to propose and how he will present himself, also thanks to this experience.


Paradise (With Chiello and Tedua)
All against all
In other people's beds
Medley 1 (Dorado + Forbidden + Talata + Klan)

Shooting star
Love cocktail
Wasted Youth
In your sea

Medley 2 (Barrio + Kobra + Remo)
Gold suit