Angelina Mango, the video interview with the winner

“La rondine” by Mango flies in streaming after Angelina’s cover

“How many here after Angelina’s extraordinary interpretation,” wrote a user among the comments under the official video of the original version of “La rondine” by Mango, published on YouTube in 2010.

664 responded. Another commented: “I hope that from tonight many people have remembered that there was a great artist in Italy.” And again: “Although I was moved by your daughter tonight, I felt the need to listen to her sung by you.” Another, more forceful: “Guys, since you’re here after Angelina’s performance, listen to all Mango’s songs: the true masterpieces, other than the Sanremo songs.” After the.tribute from Angelina in the evening of the covers of the Sanremo Festival 2024, “La rondine” by father Pino Mango, who passed away prematurely in 2014, at just 60 years old, struck down by a sudden cardiac arrest, flies on the platforms, and is (re)discovered by old and new fans. The official video clip of the song, which the Lucanian singer-songwriter recorded in 2002 for the album “Disincanto” (it was one of the hits of that year: competing at the Festivalbar, spent twenty-six weeks in the Italian singles chart), has over 23 million total views on YouTube and it’s in the top 100 of the most viewed music videos of these days, at position #57.

Angelina Mango’s performance on the notes of “La rondine” on the Friday evening of the Festival, accompanied by the string quartet of the Orchestra of Rome, the same one that accompanied her father to the recording studio over twenty years ago, was one of the most anticipated moments of the event: “I will sing my dad’s song on tiptoe”, he promised the revelation of the latest edition of “Amici”. She did not disappoint expectations, interpreting the text in his own way, thinking about an absence: “But what do you know about dreams / those are mine, I don’t sell them / what do you know, what do you know / who knows you will write to me / maybe a goodbye, or maybe not”.

Despite not winning the evening – the gold medal went to Geolier and his homage to rap and to Naples with “Brivido”, “O’ primmo ammore” and “Chiagne”, respectively together with Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’ Alessio – the video of the tribute is officially the most viewed of this edition of the Sanremo Festival on the official Rai YouTube channel: count 6.3 million views in four days In second place, for the record, is the first performance of “La noia” with 5.3 million views, while the video in which Amadeus proclaims Angelina herself as the winner of the Festival has 2.2 million clicks.

And video montages in which users make Angelina virtually duet with dad Pino are going crazy on social media.

Many are wondering if a studio cover by Angelina of “La rondine” is coming out. Meanwhile, in the twenty-four hours following the tribute on the Ariston stage, the original version of the father entered the Spotify’s Daily Top Songs Italythe streaming platform’s daily ranking of the most listened to songs of the day, at position #143 with 66.8 thousand streams.

Not only that: on Saturday it made a leap forward of one hundred and twenty-one positions in the ranking, arriving at position #22 with 409.7 thousand streams in the previous twenty-four hours, overtaking songs competing at the Ferstival such as “L’amore in rossa” by French Saints, “Ti muovi” by Diodato, “Ricominciamo tutto” by Negramaro, “Anger is not enough for you” by BigMama, “Mariposa” by Fiorella Mannoia, “Finiscimi” by Sangiovanni, “Il cielo non ci viuole” by Fred De Palma, “Spectacolare” by maninni and “Pazzo di te” by Renga and Nek. .Between Sunday and Monday the song totaled another 556 thousand streams, practically half a million in total in forty-eight hours. To date, “La rondine” has 15.3 million total streams on Spotify.