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Jimi Hendrix: A Documentary About His Recording Studio

Electric Lady Studios: A Jimi Hendrix Vision” is the documentary that tells the story of the creation of the Manhattan recording space that Jimi Hendrix he had initially imagined it as a nightclub.

Experience LLC’s new film will screen at The Quad in New York on August 6, before being released worldwide.

Hendrix’s Engineer Eddie Kramer, narrator of the film, explained that the legendary guitarist and singer of “Purple Haze” loved to play at the nightclub The Generation in the Village.

“When the club went bankrupt (in 1967), Jimi and his manager Mike Jeffery They bought it with the intention of making it a place where he and his friends could relax and possibly record their jams on an 8-track tape recorder, which was always available,” he explained.

“I knew right away that a club would be a disaster. I remember saying something like, ‘You guys must be out of your fucking minds! Do you have any idea how much Jimi spends in the studio in a year?’ Let’s build him the best studio in the world, so when he comes in he can relax and record whenever he wants.”

Eddie Kramer recalls that once the club idea was scrapped, the iconic space was born and Studio A was ready in less than a year. for Hendrix to record

“Man, he was proud of it,” Kramer says, continuing his narrative. “He loved the way it sounded and the vibe. Over the next four months we recorded a lot of songs for a new album, which became ‘The Cry Of Love‘”, the posthumous album, the first under Hendrix’s name alone, which was released in March 1971, after the author’s death in September 1970.

“The legacy of what Jimi wanted still endures today: a place where you can create without being interrupted. Every artist who comes to Electric Lady Studios feels the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, a spirit that helps them create their own music!”

The film is directed by Hendrix’s biographer John McDermott (already curator of the film “Live In Maui”) and contains interviews with the bassist of “Cry Of Love” Billy Coxto Steve Winwood and the original staff of Electric Lady Studios.

The film will feature never-before-published footage and photos, as well as song summaries.Angel“, “Dolly Dagger” And “Freedom“.

The facility is still fully operational today, it is the oldest recording studio in New York, and the ownership, after years of financial difficulties, since 2010 has been attributable to investor Keith Stoltz and manager Lee Foster.

Artists who have recorded at Electric Lady Studios include John Lennon, David Bowie, The Clash, Lana Del Rey, Patti Smith, Run-DMC, Moby, Led Zeppelin and many more, including Jovanotti (“Lorenzo 2015 CC”)