Gigi D'Agostino, a new life: “A single in March”

Gigi D’Agostino is back: his performance on the Sanremo ship

When Amadeus announced that, for what he dubbed the “third stage of the Sanremo Festival”, which was added to the Ariston and the external one in Piazza Colombo, or the ship off the port of the City of Flowers, on February 9th Gigi D’Agostino would perform, it caused a stir in the hearts of all music lovers. There were thousands of posts and comments of affection towards “Gigi Dag” (here is our in-depth analysis). The DJ’s return is a great one: he took to the stage again more than two years after the announcement of an illness, the details of which he never specified, which had forced him into a painful temporary retirement. Here is the video of his performance on the ship where he proposed, rigorously dressed as a captain, a medley of his greatest hits in a party atmosphere.

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera said: “I started this second life of mine without thinking too much, but there will certainly be releases: a single in March (the 8th for Time Records, ed.) and then other things in April. And there will be live shows. I have already announced a big concert in Austria for October, but in June I will also start again in Switzerland and Italy.” And about his state of health, about which he wants to continue to maintain a certain confidentiality, he explained, reassuring fans: “Yes, I’m fine. Of course I went through a huge trauma so I can’t know what my future is, but I consider myself lucky in everything. Among the many particular things in my life, a particular thing happened to me in this one too. But I focus on how I feel now, at a certain point I had to do it, otherwise the brain continues to live on imaginations linked to the pain or the fear that you will feel it again, a loop that I no longer want to enter. However, I’m fine, I go walking, running, I’ve resumed my old life.”